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Bitter experience of attending Sindhu Darshan Yatra-2021

Bitter experience of attending Sindhu Darshan Yatra-2021

I had same experience in 2017 also; it is better to visit Sindhu at Leh, Ladakh making our own arrangements

By Haresh Agnani

I along with my family attended Sindhu Darshan Yatra (Pilgrimage) from August 07 to 10, 2021. Before attending there was lot of excitement as it was Silver Jubilee Year of Sindhu Darshan Yatra but the arrangements by Management were very Poor and disappointing. No Person was taking any responsibility, and simply they were playing Kho-Kho by passing responsibility. Every yatri (Pilgrim) had to beg for or fight for Cars to move. Management was providing Maruti Van or Maruti Eeco Car to Yatris which is very uncomfortable vehicle for hilly area like Leh, local site seeing/Khardungla etc.

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Sindhu-Darshan-Yatra-Sindh-Courier-4Sindhi Cultural Functions like Bahrana-Chhej were arranged on Sindhu Ghat Leh and in one local temple but it was neither informed to all yatris nor were the sufficient vehicles provided to attend Bahrana Sahib or Chhej. Instead, management was insisting to attend local Stupas (Buddha Temples) to promote local Leh Ladakh Culture. Information regarding four-day function was not passed to all yatris so they were either moving to other places at their personal expense or doing rest in the hotel.

Sindhu-Darshan-Yatra-Sindh-Courier-2Sindhu-Darshan-Yatra-Sindh-Courier-3It is learnt by some reliable sources that management of Sindhu Darshan Yatra at Leh Ladakh is no more with Sindhi peoples. Other local or other members are there in management who do not care for the sentiments of Sindhi yatris. I have the same experience along with my friend Mr. Ishwar Dholani from Amdavad in 2017 too but due to Silver Jubilee Year I attended this year with my family but there was no improvement in management in this Special Year too. Hence I would not suggest/recommend all the Sindhis of world to join Sindhu Darshan Yatra in coming years and instead arrange the visit to Sindhu at Leh at their own arrangements which will be less expensive and more satisfactory without any conflicts.


Haresh Agnani from Baroda, Gujarat, India has shared his experience through WhatsApp