All Pakistan Minorities’ Heritage Photo Contest will be held on Jan 31

The photos received include 43 percent of Hindu heritage places, 10% of Christian, 5% Buddhist, 28% of Sikh, 10% of…

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‘Untouchable’ caste identity haunts Pakistani Christians

Their families converted in the late 19th to early 20th centuries in the villages of what is now the central…

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The history and life of the Kutchi Kohli Christians in Sindh

A missionary organization is working in the villages of Tando Allahyar area since 1970s. The parish pastoral team visits over…

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Christians of Sindh to get financial assistance before Dec.25

Sindh Non-Muslim Welfare Committee decides to initiate rehabilitation process; approves 165 new development schemes. Meeting approves setting up of a…

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Uyghur Uprising: Why Sindhi traders were massacred in 1933?

The Christians were murdered because they were originally Muslims and had converted by the Swedish missionaries, but the reasons given…

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Hindus have a special responsibility to denounce hate speech and violence

Hindu Khatre main hai, Hindus are in danger has become the new war cry of Hindu nationalists. This is driven…

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Pornography and addiction in US Colleges

A survey finds that 77% Christian men look at porn at least monthly, and 36% look at porn daily while…

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A Crisis for the Faithful

The new growth strategy is code named Myriad, Greek for ten thousand. The idea has been to have 10,000 new…

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