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Fernando Rendón: Songs of the Land of Dreams for Chinese Readers

Fernando Rendón: Songs of the Land of Dreams for Chinese Readers
The new book with its author Fernando Rendon (left) and translator Cao Shui

‘Songs of the Land of Dreams’, has been translated into Chinese language by Cao Shui

By Ashraf Aboul-Yazid

The iconic Columbian poet Fernando Rendón’s new book in Chinese, Songs of the Land of Dreams has been published several days ago. The book will be in the hands of Chinese readers this month, on 21th Jun, during Beijing International Book Fair.

Songs of the Land of Dreams, has been translated by Cao Shui, who sent a congratulatory message to Fernando Rendón, the founder of the Medellin International Poetry Festival and the General Coordinator of the World Poetry Movement (WPM).

IMG-20240608-WA0004Cao Shui said that Fernando is a representative poet in the world of Chinese poetry, as a winner of the Nobel Alternative Prize; his poetry is deeply rooted in human civilization, extracting elements from various civilizations, intertwining myth and reality, East and West, classical and modern, lyrical and speculative, to construct a brand new human being paradise.

Translator of the book

On the back cover of the book we read few words by world poets: “Among the vivid and noble figures in the world of contemporary poetry, Fernando Rendón has a genius-like lyrical talent. His more important role is that of a poet in action. In today’s globalized world, he has led the world poetry movement and won the admiration of many poets”, as written by the famous Chinese poet, Director of the Poetry Committee of the Chinese Writers Association, and Coordinator of the World Poetry Movement Jidi Majia.

The famous French poet Stéphane Chaumet said that “Fernando Rendón’s poems are filled with mythical atmosphere, helping us grasp the present and opening up the way for the future. His poetry intersects and blends between myth and reality, between fantasy and life, between here and elsewhere, between now and then, providing us with the intuition of another dream or human nature itself.”

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The famous Italian poet Antonino Caponnetto wrote that “Fernando Rendón’s poetic language is indeed very grand, very detailed, and rich in meaning. The semantic expression structure derived from it is both associative and epic, both intimate and mythological, highly symbolic, and full of magical metaphors. Reading his works is full of vitality, freedom and imagination, and appears in a form that is highly consistent with form and content. It has profound value in poetry, culture and anthropology.


Ashraf Aboul-YazidAshraf Aboul-Yazid is a renowned Egyptian poet, journalist, novelist, travelogue writer and translator. He is author of around three dozen books and Editor-in-Chief of Silk Road Literature Series.



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