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Flirting with life’s flow and final rites of human ambition

Flirting with life’s flow and final rites of human ambition
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Life has its own flow, and when we tell someone, let it go, we are asking him not to flirt with the flow of life.

Dr. Jernail S. Anand

Life has its own flow, and when we tell someone, let it go, we are asking him not to flirt with the flow of life. Just as a river has its own logic, it moves along, making its way around the rocks lying in its way, we can hear a certain music in its movement. But, this music turns into a roar, when it loses its calm. Life too loses its calm and runs into a rage when its flow is disrupted.

There are people who take life as it comes. The ebb and flow of life does not bother them much. They take it in their stride. If there is a misfortune, they bear it with fortitude. Such people have learnt the art of moving with the flow. Misfortunes do not make them lose their goodness. They understand that if there are joys and happiness, there will be difficult phases also. Such people are the sheet anchor of a decent life.

Gods, in fact, love those who do not throw their canker on gods when things go wrong. If there are floods, what will your anger do except to multiply your problems? Moreover, are gods responsible for floods and the loss of life and property? It appears to us that gods are in fury, but seasoned spirits and mellowed minds know gods do not settle scores with men.  Tempests and floods are the nature’s calculated response to human folly when men overreach themselves in their relationship with nature.  There is nothing abnormal in it.  We too react sharply when teased by friends. And if someone goes on heaping insults upon us, then, it is most natural that we lose our calm and fling upon him. If you cut a tree, it does not react. But if you cut forests, now it is outrageous and insulting for the eco-balance.  If we are trying to push nature out of balance, so that it loses its peace and comes down crumbling, we ought to face the consequences.

Ambition – Image courtesy: LinkedIn

Taking runs by running faster

Nature loses is calm when we try to acquire a flow which is faster than the waves. The people who think too much, and act too much, may appear to be going ahead, but the invisible forces, responsible for maintaining   cosmic balance, intervene when these actions of mankind prove to be too smart and mock at the sedate flow of nature. Things are moving forward at their own speed. We men try to take runs by running faster. When nature finds us disturbing its usual flow, it pulls us back violently. How else can we explain train accidents? Men who are in hurry are rushing towards their destinations, whereas nature has set a different destination for some of them. Those who walk are in far less danger than those who run on the wheels, and those who run on the wheel are in far less danger than those who fly up. All our fast-paced mechanisms are playing with the absorbing powers of nature, and testing its patience, which it loses sometimes, causing shipwrecks and air crashes.

The Cart and the Bull

In the good old past, the world which moved on the cart and the bull, had a peaceful life. We transformed the cart and brought in the car. And, then, we brought in aero-planes. And now, Artificial Intelligence. Internet. All these things are synonymous with speed. The time at our command is fixed. And when we use it in larger doses, it will be depleted sooner. The increased numbers have resulted in increased burden on earth’s resources and the sky too feels suffocated because of the carbonic issues. In totality, we do not believe in the genuine flow of life in consonance with nature. We are pushing it forward by our artificial limbs. Robots, our latest invention, show how deficient we are in the art of human engineering. Men are after gods trying to learn every creative art, but nature is unyielding to man’s overtures. Landslides, cloudbursts, earthquakes and floods – these are the ways how nature reacts to our follies and absorbs these shocks.

Time under Attack

Those who try to move faster, lose faster. It seems the greatest outrage that men have mounted is on time. Time used to have a great effect on human activity, but now, it is human activity which affects and determines time. What was in plenty once, has suddenly shrunk to non-existence.  Mankind knows how to evade time. Time impacts the cosmic mechanism still, but human mechanism has gone out of its control. Just have a look at our freezers. We can save an item for days together, which might have gone sour if placed outside. It means, humanity is now living on stale things. And, stale things impact not only man’s health, or his mind, but impairs his vision too.

Medicines make us live on borrowed time. No doubt the time of a man’s death is fixed. Yet with medicines, we can make the last moments less painful for man.   Death which is considered very powerful and unsparing is given a dodge sometimes though it cannot be postponed for ever. But, depend on AI. We are going to have provisions where an old and dying man’s memory can be shifted to another brain which is young, and in this way, he can live for any number of years, but only in an altered body. These are dangerous games played by scientists, who want to flirt with nature’s flow.

Letting it go

This smart civilization is smart only in its technology, but it has created Jacks who are actually brain-dull. The more the support of technology, the greater is our dependence on them, and the faster we lose our acumen in various ways. Think of our memory. We are shifting it to mobile phones and internet. We do not move out. We shall soon lose our knees and ankles. Thanks to Swiggy, Zomato and Amazon, our outdoor movement has been scuttled. We are being reduced to an individual in its narrowest sense. No lively interaction with anyone. Small kids, when they are not in school, are busy with mobile games, ad infinitum. The final resting place of every man and every civilization is the grave. Even those who end up in the skies, finally fall to the unknown lap of the earth.

Can speed matter much when these are the final rites of human ambition? Should we jump before the gun and make it feel guilty?  That is what we are doing when we do not let the things go and try to flirt with life’s flow.

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Jernail S Anand - Sindh CourierDr. Jernail Singh Anand, President of the International Academy of Ethics, is author of 161 books in English poetry, fiction, non-fiction, philosophy and spirituality. He was awarded Charter of Morava, the great Award by Serbian Writers Association, Belgrade and his name was engraved on the Poets’ Rock in Serbia. The Academy of Arts and philosophical Sciences of Bari [Italy] honored him with the award of an Honorable Academic.  Recently, he was awarded Doctor of Philosophy [Honoris Causa] by the University of Engg and Management, Jaipur. Recently, he organized an International Conference on Contemporary Ethics at Chandigarh. His most phenomenal book is Lustus: The Prince of Darkness [first epic of the Mahkaal Trilogy]. [Email: anandjs55@yahoo.com

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