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International Esports Tournaments Planned for Pakistan

International Esports Tournaments Planned for Pakistan

Esports firm ESPL has partnered with Redtone Digital Services to bring electronic gaming to Pakistan

Karachi: ESPL, one of the world’s largest esports firms, has partnered with REDtone Digital Services (RDS), to bring electronic gaming to Pakistan. By focusing on grassroots tournaments, they will be bringing in massive gaming titles like PUBG Mobile, Valorant and Mobile Legends etc. officially to the Pakistani audiences.

As a first move, both ESPL and RDS are working on organizing a series of esports tournaments across key cities in Pakistan throughout the year. The platform will also host multiple international (region-wide) tournaments throughout each month.

Players from Pakistan will be able to enter these first-come first-serve tournaments and play against international contenders and win cash prizes.

Ms. Mahnoor Nadeem, CEO, REDtone Digital Services said, ”Bringing competitive esports tournaments to the country is a strategic move that will not only see our youth experiencing platforms and environments used elsewhere in the world but will also provide them an opportunity to network and compete globally from their homes. We feel entertainment is the bridge that can link us to the world and we are proud to partner with ESPL to bring esports opportunities and tournaments to Pakistan.”

Mr. Michael Broda, CEO, and Co-founder of ESPL said, “ESPL’s mission is to facilitate the promotion and growth of esports across the world. This is achieved by creating massive events and revenue streams for aspiring esports athletes, giving them an opportunity to monetize their passion. To now bring this movement to Pakistan, ESPL and RDS have launched espl.gg/pakistan where tournaments from multiple popular game titles will be hosted.”

These tournaments will help local esports to flourish and give local players a chance to win cash prizes and compete in international tournaments in the near future. Gamers can head over to the Esports Players League Pakistan website now to register and be notified. (PR)