Lockdown returns, most streets in Dhaka fall silent

The nation-wide lockdown has been imposed to protect people from Covid-19 transmission

The lockdown restrictions came into force at 8am today (July 23) and will continue till August 5 midnight

Dhaka, Bangladesh: Streets in capital Dhaka now look much quieter than normal after the government re-enforced the nationwide lockdown following an eight-day break to protect people from the coronavirus transmission.

The lockdown restrictions came into force at 8am today (July 23) and will continue till August 5 midnight, unless extended again as announced by the government on Thursday, upping its guard against the devastating Delta variant of Covid-19.

On the first day of the fresh lockdown, the number of vehicles seen in the capital was much lower than any other day during the last week.

Even then, many were seen in the morning returning to Dhaka through different ways as public transports were not operating following the fresh order.

The government’s order for everyone was to stay in their respective areas as offices, courts, garment factories and all other export-oriented industries will remain closed during the period.

Police and army personnel, deployed to enforce the strict restrictions, were seen checking the movement of people and vehicles at different points of the capital in addition to the duties performed by the police.

Until 10 am, some public transports, carrying passengers, were allowed to enter the capital.

A traffic police officer said some of the long-haul buses and vehicles were allowed to enter the capital through some other routes as they were stuck on the roads before entering the capital. “After 10 am, no vehicle was allowed without valid ground,” he said.

He said the government order is to maintain the lockdown strictly and we’re doing that today. Only the vehicles used for emergency services are allowed to move.

Meanwhile, those returning to Dhaka from southern districts were seen entering Dhaka on foot through different entry points of the city.

Most of them were bus passengers who had to get off from the vehicles before entering the city due to the suspension of traffic movement.

Members of law enforcement agencies were seen making them wear masks and maintain health rules as per the order.

On Thursday, State Minister for Public Administration Farhad Hossain told UNB that this lockdown will be stricter than the one imposed last time. Police, paramilitary Bangladesh Border Guard and the Army will keep a strict vigil on the roads, he said.

Earlier, the government eased the lockdown restrictions in the country for eight days due to Eid-ul-Azha that was celebrated on Wednesday.


Courtesy: Daily Sun, Bangladesh and UNB

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