Home Amazing News Man marries fiancé and ex-girlfriend at the same wedding

Man marries fiancé and ex-girlfriend at the same wedding

Man marries fiancé and ex-girlfriend at the same wedding

The ex-girlfriend had learnt about the marriage through social media greeting messages of her former boyfriend’s friends

Jakarta: A man in Indonesia married his fiancé, but not before his ex-girlfriend also asked if he would marry her…at the wedding. And he said yes…to both women.

Korik Akbar from Lombok Tengah, Indonesia planned to marry his fiancé, Nur Khusnul Kotimah. They planned to marry after the Merariq ritual, where the groom ‘kidnaps’ the bride and takes her to his family’s house, only with the consent of her family.

It was at Akbar’s family’s house where things got a little shaken up. The couple had just arrived at Akbar’s family’s home when Akbar’s former girlfriend from 2016, Yunita Ruri, came to the house to ask him to marry her also -probably the most epic way to get your ex back.

Akbar said he felt shocked to hear Ruri wanted to marry him. After talking with his family, he decided to marry both women at the wedding ceremony.

According to another report, the bride was left shocked when her fiancé’s ex-girlfriend showed up at her wedding and asked him to marry her too. Nur Khusnul Kotimah, 20, from Lombok Tengah, Indonesia, gave in to the situation as her fiancé, Korik Akbar, 20, agreed to marry his ex-girlfriend, Yunita Ruri, 21, too.

Yunita found about Kori’s marriage after friends congratulated the couple on social media. “My husband’s ex-girlfriend found out about our plans to get married through social media, as many friends were congratulating us. Because of that, she asked to be his wife too,” Nur told.

Korik said that he was shocked at the arrival of his ex-girlfriend who had dated in 2016.

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“I wasn’t expecting it and was shocked. But, upon discussing with the family, I made the decision to marry both the girls. The dowry for both was the same, which is 1.75 million Rupiah,” Korik said.

However, he added that he feels burdened by the decision of marrying both the women as he is currently unemployed and now has both of them relying on him.

Earlier this year, an Indonesian bride asked for her husband’s permission to hug her ex-boyfriend at their wedding. Surprisingly, the husband gave his consent with a smile and watched them hug each other. The ex-boyfriend then turned to the groom and shook hands with him too. The groom went on for a hug too.


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