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My Mom – The Light of My Life

My Mom – The Light of My Life

Mother's Day - 4May 9 (Second Sunday of May) marks the Mother’s Day

The purest of all human relations is the Mother’s bond with her kids, and family

By Sapna Nusrat

The greatest blessing on the earth is a mother and her unconditional love towards her child. She is a gift for mankind bestowed from the heavens, to show them a real bracket of loyalty and unaffectedness. Mother is a ray of aspiration in the wasteland of life that always supports and boosts us, showing the right track.

Mother's Day - 1Mother’s day is celebrated all over the globe (in more than forty countries) on the second Sunday of May every year, to hold every mother in high esteem and to let the children of the world show their adoration to their mothers to let her know the fact that she is the greatest source of spur for her kids.

Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia initiated this significant day to be a part of the calendar as an annual event in the early twentieth century, for appreciating the dedications of Mothers. Though this has now become more of a commercial event, which is not fair, keeping in view such sanctified relation. Anna’s inception of enthusiasm behind this celebration was the fact that her mother inspired her by organizing a women’s group to promote friendship, health and performing in an outstanding way, throughout her life.

Who doesn’t know, that the purest of all human relations is the Mother’s bond with her kids, and family. Indeed, her love is impeccable, which never fades. She lives with us through all the weathers of life, including the most difficult epochs. Whenever a dilemma grips us, she leaves no stone unturned to restore our tranquility and to eliminate our unease. Her love is not explicable at all. She faces inordinate deprivations in bringing up her kids. She burns the midnight oil at dusk for her broods. After giving birth to her offspring, they become her foremost priority, behind which she even ignores her own elations.

Every Mother performs multiple tasks throughout the day but costs nothing in return. She sacrifices her whole life for her children and family with delight. From culinary to laundry, while performing all her domestic errands, she never puts an onus on our shoulders. She herself implements all the fidelities to provide us with a peaceful environment where we can easily learn various things and excel in our lives.

My Mom – Ms. Nusrat Sikander is my greatest inspiration. She is an educator, a teacher’s trainer, a columnist and a short story writer. I am proud to be called her child. She always teaches me to raise the question; no matter what people think of me. She taught me not to give up in any case, at any stage of my life, and to put my best in every obligation, without expecting any reward from anyone, in return. According to her the divine will ultimately pay her off abundantly. She becomes cheerful on every of my tiny success. Though I’m aware of the fact that I’ve not yet accomplished any great attainment in my life, even then, whatever I’ve achieved, I want to attribute all my triumph to her. Whatsoever I’m able to write today, that is all because of her unending toil. Whenever I undertake anything constructive, she motivates me that drives me forward and encourages proceeding to the next level. She has a contemplation to instruct me (along with all my siblings) about the facts of life, which leads us to the positive and/or the negative conclusion of anything. This way, she teaches us the dos and don’ts of life. She is undeniably the best guide, who teaches us to be the true possessor of truth, who smashes our sorrows, splints our pain and establishes our strong bond with hope and positivity. She consoles me along with all my brethren in desolate situations. Whenever there is turmoil she inculcates us to muffle and rise from the tides of the time.

Mother's Day - 3Henry said: “The lap of a mother is the first learning institute of the world.” From this institute of mine, I’ve learnt how to walk, how to talk, and how to face the vexations of survival.

O’ My glorious Mentor, I owe you and am beholden to your good self and will always remain. Having your shadow upon me is not less than an enormous blessing for me. A colossal credit goes to you, my sweet Mom! You are my source of ingenuity that helps comprehend wisdom without a limit. You are really my role model.

On This wonderful day dedicated to Mothers, I wish Almighty God to bestow you everything that you desire in the voyage of your life and the life to come.

I love you abundantly!

Happy Mothers’ Day to you


About the Author

Sapna Nusrat - Sindh CourierThe author is a pharmacy student at People’s University of Medical and Health Sciences for Women, Shaheed Benazirabad (Nawabshah). She writes blogs since 2016.