Child Molestation

Child Molestation: At the mercy of Madrassa monsters!

We may have seen in documentaries that Wolves attack the hindquarters of prey first, biting into the animal’s meaty rump or ham. They stay away from the tendons near the hooves. Some of us are these wolves, in human clothing! The time has come, and sooner than later massive reprisal will erupt, to put an […]

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sufi fakirs of Bedil Saen performing at the second Sindh Sufi Melo 2018 at Hyderabad organised by Sindh Ouqaf Department - Sindh Courier

Sufism, Transculturality and the Progressive Islam

The transcultural rethinking of cultures cultivates the openness and acceptance towards other cultures and it saves us from the trap of exclusivist, rigid origin conceptions of culture. Rafique Wassan   In my anthropology, ethnomusicology and cultural studies for interdisciplinary PhD research project on the progressive cultural production of Sufi heritage in Sindh region of Pakistan, […]

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Philosophy of life self-discovery

Philosophy of Life: Self-discovery is the path to bloom!

Why not reconnect yourself with the most important person YOU, who you truly are and what you really want rather than letting the outside world determine it for you. This is an error or omission each one of us keeps making in life. Let’s reconnect with our purpose and passion to know if our actions […]

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Middle East Politics

Middle East Politics: The Prince and the Paupers!

Middle East Politics. Cartoon Courtesy: The Iran Project Although many anticipate Saudi Arabia will be the last Arab country to normalize ties with Israel, Prince Mohammed has a record of bucking expectations. Two advisers close to the crown prince said he wants to reach a deal with Israel but knows it is nearly impossible as […]

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Say No to Hate Crime Kis Ka Sath Kesa Vikas

Kis Ka Saath? Kaisa Vikas? Story of Hate Crimes In India

Commenting on a series of hate-crimes in India, the writer says ‘A nation can be prosperous only when all its citizens live in harmony and peace. Violence ruins nations. History bears testimony to this.’ Nazarul Islam My story begins in mid-April of 2020. An elderly Muslim lady doctor and her daughter residing in the posh […]

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Abraham Accords Courtesy Daily sabah

Abraham Accords: Alarm bells in Arab world

Coming closer to Israel without protecting the rights of the Palestinians will only deepen divisions in the region, as in the Trump’s Jerusalem move, the deals will only accelerate the split and increase anger. BY NAGEHAN ALÇI Alarm bells have started ringing since deals signed between the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and Israel to […]

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Hamarcho folksong

Intangible Cultural Heritage: Hamaracho – A Folksong

The Hamarcho is very inspiring song reflecting participatory approach among the Thari communities and conducting different harvesting activities through hard work. By Noor Ahmed Janjhi Folk songs are a major part of intangible cultural heritage. They contain the heart touching stories of human aspirations, inspirations, feelings and dreams. The characters of those stories demonstrate human […]

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Climate Science - A great scholar who prophesied our planet’s future

A great scholar who prophesied our planet’s future

Half a century back, Father Timm had expressed his concerns about the rising carbon emissions in the earth, creating holes in the protective atmospheric envelope, thereby exposing us to the sun’s dangerous ultra-violet rays. Nazarul Islam Growing up as a child, I had seen amazing pictures of Antarctica, spread out on vast sheets of ice […]

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