Why Guru Nanak's Legacy Is More Relevant

Why Guru Nanak’s Legacy Is More Relevant?

Of all the non-Islamic religious icons, Allama Iqbal perhaps wrote most admiringly about Sikhism founder Guru Nanak, whom he hailed as “mard-e kaamil [perfect man]”. The spiritual Muslim leader Bulleh Shah’s (1680) hailed his friend, the ninth Sikh Guru Tegh Bahadur, as a ‘holy warrior’ when he was put to death. By Sameer Arshad Khatlani […]

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Covid-19 Closure of Schools

Covid-19, Closure of Schools and Poor Students

Owing to Covid-19, some private Institutions have started online education through videos calls on smart phones, but this is for those, who are capable to afford the expenses of online system. But on the other hand, the students from remote areas, the students from poor villages, are not getting any benefit after closure of schools. […]

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Stopping the GIGO Phenomenon at Universities-1

Stopping the GIGO Phenomenon at Universities

The most common issue at the Universities is compromising standards while admitting students and then the same compromise cycle continues for the rest of the academic cycle. The result is ‘Garbage In and Garbage Out’ (GIGO). By Muneer Ahmed Mirjat Ideally, Universities are required to produce qualified graduates who can be a useful part of […]

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Observations of an Expat - British Development Aid-1

Observations of an Expat: British Development Aid

British government has announced curtailing its overseas development aid budget. It is an emotional short-sighted political decision by a populist government that will affect the British prestige in the world. By Tom Arms This week the British government announced that it planned to cut its overseas aid budget by 0.2 percent or about $4 billion […]

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