Lockdown and Drugs

Lockdown and Drug Use: Saying ‘No’ is tough

An annual study of global drug-use trends, says Covid-19 has left millions stuck indoors, anxious and bored. This change of lifestyle has abruptly turned many people to consume psychoactive substances, and fly high into the blue skies. Nazarul Islam Last Friday, I asked my commuter friend Robyn, how she had been going through her days […]

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Equality of Man and Woman - A Fundamental Truth

Equality of Man and Woman: A Fundamental Truth

Equality begins in the mind. Presently, our minds are being ruled by notions of inequality and so society’s growth and development remains incomplete, like a half-blossomed flower. Alienating women from matters of finance and politics is to discard half the intellect and strength of society. For our minds to be free, we must abandon the […]

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US Presidential Elections Our difficult sunlight

US Presidential Elections: Our Difficult Sunlight

Ms. Harris has successfully portrayed her country in black and white, with the assertion, “We do have two systems of justice for black and white Americans”. Nazarul Islam Kamala Harris, the Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee and Joe Biden’s running mate, has made her forthright statement that reaffirms the historical binary in the social history of the […]

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