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Public cry against skyrocketing prices during Ramadan

With the advent of Holy month, the prices of essential commodities are touching the Himalaya

Government should monitor the situation during Ramadan and especially keep check on the hike in prices.

Ramadan is the month of blessings of Allah during which our Muslim brothers and sisters worldwide observe fasting and offer prayers, read and recite Holy Quran with religious devotion, spiritual reflection, and self-examination and give charity to the poor.

But the traders, with advent of this Holy month, like previous years, instead of offering discounts and facilitating the worshipers, have increased the prices of all the essential commodities including meat, pulses, vegetables, flour, cooking oil, fruits etc.

As usual the same story of blame game facet on the onset of Ramadan. Wholesalers and retailers blame each other for gaining excessive profit. Right here in the little dot we have the yearly Ramadan bazar where we can buy the same product in less price but not sure of quality. Even if the government does so, in Pakistan there is no check and balance to see if the prices fixed by the government are being implemented.

We observe price hikes on special occasions like Ramadan, Eidul-Fitr, Eidul Azha and other religious and cultural festivals. An average or low income citizen cannot afford such expensive commodities. As a result, it creates a feeling of deprivation among the low-income groups. Keeping the markets steady during Ramadan has always been a challenge for government. So this time government should monitor the situation during Ramadan and especially keep check on the hike in prices. This month is one of the most important moments for the government to show its efficiency and competence in order to win public hearts.

Arich Bais

Larkana Sindh


Please stop the Tsunami of inflation during the Ramadan.

Ramadan is the month of blessings and benedictions. It is said to be the month of forgiveness. Ramadan is considered one of the holiest month in the Islamic calendar for all the Muslim around the world but in Pakistan it brings sheer amount of concern as it has always been the tradition that whenever Ramadan comes the inflation rate also touches Himalaya.

It seems as if, it were month of making dough and massive amount of money. In fact, such mindsets become a curse for the masses when prices of the edible items touch the sky. Resultantly, Ramadan becomes month of blessings only for the business community and hoarders that take as much benefits as they can.

It is a painful truth that despite being a Muslim state, there is no decline in the prices of very basic and demanded vegetables and fruits, flour, gram, cooking oil, sugar, chicken, dates etc. In the month of Ramadan. The subsidy given by government becomes the share of corruption mafia and no relief reaches at gross root level for the deserving people.

These skyrocketing prices have compelled poor people to break their fast with whatever little available to them considering it to be their fate and divine distribution.

At times, they have nothing to eat after breaking their fast because of the high inflation. Indeed, it has been the major problem of the people of Pakistan facing from start especially in the month of Ramadan.

The government is demurely requested to please stop the Tsunami of inflation during the Ramadan.

Quratulain Fatima Samo

Karachi Sindh

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