Home Public Issues Retired Professor of SAU denied of Pension Benefits

Retired Professor of SAU denied of Pension Benefits

Retired Professor of SAU denied of Pension Benefits

There are several other retired professors and employees who have not been paid retirement benefits for years.  

Through this esteemed forum, I would like to raise voice against the injustice being done to several retired professors and employees like me, by denying the payment of commutation and other benefits by the authorities of Sindh Agriculture University Tando Jam.

I am retired Professor of Sindh Agriculture University. It had been five years to my retirement but my legal right of Commutation is denied by the Vice Chancellor and so far my cry is going in vain.

I am an old man and there are lots of responsibilities on my shoulders. Why my services are not duly paid? I am not alone and there are other professors and employees whose pensions are denied.

Every year huge budget is given to the university but whenever we approach for payment, we are denied giving unjustified excuses, which is nothing but the result of corruption that prevails there and no one is accountable. I live I Hyderabad and one can realize the hardships of travelling to Tando Jam for my retirement benefits and return empty handed every time.

As per law, the gratuity funds/commutation are the Trust, which are forbidden to touch and is a crime to spend these funds on any other head. My question is how come Vice Chancellor used our money in different projects?

I request higher authorities to inquire this matter and redress our grievances because our life clock is ticking.

Hope justice will prevail. This is my request to all the higher authorities which are responsible to handle the affairs of universities, resolve the issue without delay. I would especially request the Chief Justice of Supreme Court, Sindh High Court, Higher Education Commission, Islamabad, Sindh Higher Education Commission, and the Ministry of Universities Sindh to take serious notice of the situation of Sindh Agriculture University, where according to my knowledge tens of millions of rupees are spent on unnecessary projects like repair of guest houses etc. Moreover, 150 posts of lecturers are lying vacant for over 15 years despite receiving budgets for their salaries.

Abdul Ghani Soomro

Retired Professor of Sindh Agriculture University Tando Jam



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