Hindus, Sikhs build mosques for Muslim villagers in Indian Punjab

Earlier, the Hindus and Sikhs had built some mosques in other villages donating land, money and construction material Monitoring Desk…

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Thatta Village of Attock and its Mosques

Hindu community was in majority in Thatta village before partition whereas the Muslim community was in minority. Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro…

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RSS leader’s outreach to Muslims: Reconciliation or cooption?

Today the international image of India, courtesy the RSS-BJP, is a Hindu supremacist one where minorities are insecure, where identity…

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Mass Suicide by Women of Rawalpindi in 1947

When the Muslim rioters plundered the property and wealth of Sikh community, they male Sikhs of village Thoha Khalsa resolved…

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Hindus have a special responsibility to denounce hate speech and violence

Hindu Khatre main hai, Hindus are in danger has become the new war cry of Hindu nationalists. This is driven…

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During Nazi occupation, Muslims saved Jews from the extinction

During the Nazi occupation of Caucasus, Muslims aided efforts to hide the origins of the local Jews, preventing the extinction…

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