Adivasi Tribes’ Long March for Rights - Mithi - Sindh Courier-1

Adivasi Tribes’ Long March for Rights

Male and female members of Kolhi and other schedule caste communities marched by foot from Nagarparkar to Mithi Marchers demand protecting natural beauty of Thar, land-ownership rights, ending illegal occupation of their graveyards and lands By GR Junejo Mithi: The male and female participants of Adivasi Tribes including Kolhi and other schedule caste communities’ long […]

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Establishing National Park is must to save Karoonjhar - Sindh Courier-1

Establishing National Park is must to save Karoonjhar

Things may not improve until Nagarparkar and its adjoining areas, including Karoonjhar hills, Jian temples, Bhodesar Masjid and other cultural sites are declared a national park. A national park has the highest level of wildlife protection status and this will attract eco-tourists. By Ali Nawaz Rahimoo Tharparkar district is rich in wildlife and almost all […]

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A forlorn Jain Temple found near Veerawah - Sindh Courier

A forlorn Jain Temple found near Veerawah

A group of social activists undertook 3-day visit to explore tourism spots in Tharparkar so far neglected by researchers and the government The group urged the Culture & Tourism Department to take appropriate steps for conservation of ancient sites, build tourist resorts and promote tourism in the area By GR Junejo   Mithi: A group […]

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Freedom Fighter Udesingh Sodho Remembered - Sindh Courier

Freedom Fighter Udesingh Sodho Remembered

Rajput warrior Udesingh valiantly fought with British colonial forces in Nagarparkar area for liberation of Sindh motherland Speakers at a memorial ceremony call for research and rewriting the history of freedom wars and the warriors neglected so far by the historians    By GR Junejo Mithi: Udhesingh Sodho, a young freedom fighter, who valiantly fought […]

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Blooming Thar - Sindh Courier

Blooming Thar needs to be developed for promoting tourism

Thousands of tourists have to return within a day for having no accommodation and washroom facilities By GR Junejo   Mithi: Following the unprecedented heavy monsoon rains this year, Thar Desert is blooming and its landscape has undergone a great change, and the sight of the greenery in an area that once looked like a […]

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Mythology of Parkar: Story of Hothal fairy and Jam Odho

The story is a moving love story reflecting commitment with people and motherland. It also describes the different areas and people. Mr. Mangharam Ojha has attributed this story to Bhodesar pond and Karoonjhar Mountain. However, the story revolves around Parkar, Gujrat and Kachh, a cultural and commercial triangle of the subcontinent. By Noor Ahmed Janjhi […]

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4 Villagers die while digging a well in Nagarparkar area

The sandy-soil walls of well fell on the laborers at village Ra’rreko By GR Junejo Mithi: Four laborers died when the sandy-soil walls of well they were digging in search of water fell on them at village Ra’rreko of Taluka Nagarparkar, district Tharparkar. The bodies of deceased villagers were taken out by the administration with […]

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