Remembering Kanu Wadhwani on his 89th birth anniversary

Kanu had vivid memories of his childhood in Sindh. One of the most striking is of the love and cordiality…

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He took his college with him

When Partition took place, most of the teachers and students fled the troubles in Sindh and the college remained closed.…

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All things are difficult before they become easy

Born to Engineer Hashmatsing Ajwani and Smt. Jasota in 1930, Dr. Mohini studied at Naaz High School Khairpur, located about…

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My father refused to be called a refugee

I remember seeing people in the lane in front of our house after Partition. It was a slum area next…

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Remembering Principal Pribhdas Gidwani

Pribhdas was a high academic achiever, fluent in English, Persian and French. He loved playing tennis, and he enjoyed reading…

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Why Saaz Aggarwal named her book as ‘Stories from a Vanished Homeland’?

‘I realized that for the children who had left Sindh with their parents, the abrupt excision and denial had made…

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A small glimpse of Sindh in 1930

Excerpt from the memoirs of MH Panhwar (192-2007), who specialized in groundwater development, earthmoving, agricultural machinery, water logging, salinity control…

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