Visiting the Pre-partition realms of our subcontinent

Prior to partition, the subcontinent existed as British India, ruled by the Queen of England. This was a magical land…

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The Pain of Partition, as Seen in the Literature of Many Languages

[On 75th year of Partition of Subcontinent, the Wire’s reporters and contributors bring stories of the period, of the traumas…

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Sindhi Colony of Chembur records its partition memory

At Sindhi Camp – as the area is known more after the region the refugees originated from and less after…

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After Partition, Trust was the Biggest Loss in Sindh

An excerpt from Unbordered Memories: Sindhi Stories of Partition – edited and translated by Rita Kothari. Introduction by Rita Kothari…

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Since India collided with Asia….

Let’s not forget South Asia is a geographical notion, and as such straddles political divides as well cultural ones. The…

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