Suicide Rate Rises among US Teens

In rural areas, firearms were used in 46.7% of youth suicides, while in metropolitan areas they were used in 34.7%…

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Thar is losing its essence!

The richness of culture and environment must be promoted, and ‘economic well-being must not come at the cost of human…

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How to prevent suicides?

Prevention could be done through different strategies like mental treatment, proper guidance and counseling, hopes and reducing all factors which…

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The Mystifying Rise of Suicide in Pakistan’s Thar Desert

It isn’t uncommon to hear of one every other week, to see photos of bodies circulating on social media. Alizeh…

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Free Mental Health Camps organized in Tharparkar District

A team of leading experts of mental health from Karachi and Hyderabad examined the patients in remote parts of the…

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Suicide cases in Tharparkar: Authorities have no empathy toward the suffering souls

It was expected that Sindh government would take certain measures to address the issue in the light of SMHA’s Psychological…

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512 People committed suicide in Tharparkar within 5 years

35 percent of the world’s population suffers from mental health problems, which is the main cause behind ending the life…

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