History Urdu Advertising

Book on the History of Urdu Advertising Launched

The book ‘Urdu Ishtiharyat Ki Tareekh’, or ‘The History of Urdu Advertising’ encapsulates an over 250-year history of Urdu advertising in the sub-continent Karachi: The book ‘Urdu Ishtiharyat Ki Tareekh’ by Dr. Pirzada Sharf-e-Alam has recently been launched. The book is based on the doctoral thesis of Dr. Sharf-e-Alam, who completed his research work under […]

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Indigenous Languages - Organic Spring for Mother Languages

Indigenous Languages: Organic Spring for Mother Languages

The mother languages, which are organic treasures for other languages are highly ignored due to centralization, instrumentalization and monolingualism of the world A child’s mother language is its intelligence that describes its way of thinking, reasoning, understanding and doing all the tasks. By Shoukat Lohar The mother languages day is celebrated throughout the world on […]

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