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Aged and disabled ailing person forced out of Dadu hospital’s Casualty Ward

Aged and disabled ailing person forced out of Dadu hospital’s Casualty Ward - Sindh CourierTwo brothers had brought their disabled father Akbar Alkhani from a remote village of Kachho area to the Civil Hospital of Dadu on Saturday

They were forced to leave the Casualty Ward on Sunday; The patient was later admitted at Medical Ward after a citizen’s protest

By Allah Bux Khushik

Dadu: An aged and disabled patient and his son were allegedly misbehaved and forced oust from the casualty ward of Civil Hospital Dadu on Sunday. However, later the patient was admitted at Medical Ward when some people, present at the site, lamented such behavior.

During a visit to the hospital this scribe saw that Dr. Ahsan Panhwar, who came out of the casualty ward, was asking one of the sons of ailing man why they were sitting outside the casualty ward.

Aged and disabled ailing person forced out of Dadu hospital’s Casualty Ward - Sindh Courier-1The doctor also held that man from his shirt asking him to get out of the hospital. Two police guards of the hospital also asked the poor man to take his ailing father out of the hospital gate. The doctor was heard saying ‘someone must have asked them (the aged and disabled man and his son) to sit here’ and kept on asking the man ‘who has advised you to sit here’. According to the doctor it could be someone’s conspiracy against him.

When a citizen Shahid Khokhar protested over the attitude of doctor with the poor man, the doctor changed his statement saying that ‘he is asking these persons to come in (the ward)’.

After Shahid Khokhar protested against the doctor’s behavior with poor man, the ailing and disabled person was put on wheelchair and taken to the medical ward. Shahid Khokhar had asked the doctor that no one would want an ailing father to lay helpless at hospital floor in such a serious condition, and the doctor must mind his language and take care of poor man because being a doctor he is bound to treat the patients well.

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Ali Hassan Alkhani, one of the aged man’s sons told this scribe at the ward that they had come from village Mast Kehar Shah of Kachho area and their father Akbar Alkhani is disabled from both legs and cannot walk due to serious condition.

He told that the doctor had earlier prescribed some medicines and tests, and when they came back, they were forced out of the ward. He alleged that it was the same doctor who had ousted them from ward.

Ali Hassan stated that they are poor and helpless and have no money to go to private hospital for treatment.

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When this scribe contacted Dr. Ahsan for his views, he told that ‘according patient’s attendants they were sent to medical ward by another doctor but medical staff refused to admit and returned them. “The patient was admitted in casualty ward sometime on Saturday, and may be they were ousted in the morning,” he said adding that ‘I am not involved in it as my duty begins late’.

Aged and disabled ailing person forced out of Dadu hospital’s Casualty Ward - Sindh Courier-2He denied having dragged the patient’s attendant.

When this scribe contacted the duty doctor of morning shift Dr. Ateeq ul Rehman Janwry, he told that he treated the old man who is disabled from his both legs and his attendants got the blood tests but they were not shifted to medical ward by him.

This scribe also contacted with Medical Ward In-charge Raja Rafique Panhwar who told that when duty doctor Ahsan shifted the patient to the medical ward they provided medical treatment and did not refuse to admit the patient.

District Health Officer Dr. Zahid Ahmed Dawach and Civil Surgeon Dr. Niaz Jamali said that notice has been issued to the duty doctor of casualty ward to clarify his position within three days.


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