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Alternate Dispute Resolution suggested for speedy justice

The ADR has legal cover as the trained Mediators are appointed. This will help lower burden on the courts

Legal Aid Society holds session in Khairpur to form district level forum of Alternate Dispute Resolution 

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The legal experts opined on Friday that the alternate dispute resolutions can minimize the burden of the cases in the courts.

The legal experts expressed such views at a session organized by a team of Legal Aid Society Khairpur for the formation of district level forum on alternative dispute resolution in Khairpur.

ASP City Mughees Hashmi, District Prosecutor Khairpur Atta Hussain Chandio, lawyers, journalists and representatives of the civil society attended the session.

Alternate Dispute Resolution-2Abbas Ali and Muhammad Baqir Soomro told the participants that in 2013 legal aid society was established by retired justice Nasir Aslam Zaid and it has been working on human security, child security and also on climate resilience.

They said that main object of the Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) is to reduce the burden of judiciary and ensure speedy justice. “The ADR has a legal cover under section 89-A to resolve the conflicts of the parties through mediation,” they said.

They said that success story of ADR street law program was that it resolved more than 2000 conflicts of different nature through mediation and added that mediators have been appointed under section 89-A and 89-B on the orders of the Sindh High court.

Alternate Dispute Resolution-1They said that nominated mediators have been trained with different paralegal training programs. They said that miscellaneous nature of filed applications would be resolved through ADR forums.

They said that Jirga system is lacking legal cover, while ADR have legal cover and the appointed Mediators are recognized by the state under section 89-A.

They said that LAS has signed Memorandums of Understanding with 40 Law colleges of Sindh, Islamabad and Gilgit.

They said that Sindh Judicial Academy is using ADR curriculum as resource courses and that ADR trainings have been provided to the Civil Judges to transfer the cases to ADR forum.


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