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Capacity Building Workshop held for Tharparkar police

Capacity Building Workshop held for Tharparkar police

Capacity Building Workshop held for Tharparkar police- Sindh Courier-1Speakers urge for devising coordination mechanism for success of system

Despite huge budgets, Child Protection Authority and Human Rights Cell have failed to deliver

By GR Junejo

Mithi: A capacity building workshop on strengthening the police investigation and stakeholders’ coordination mechanism was held here on Friday by the Tharparkar police in collaboration with Civil Society Support Program, a non-government organization.

DSP Rasheed Haroon Sirai, Kashif Bajer, Natho Khan Rahmoon, advocate Rai Singh Sodho and officers from all over district attended the workshop.

Addressing the participants, advocate Kashif Bajer lauded introducing the community policing and setting up of human rights cell and child protection authority but said that nobody knows about it. “The Child Protection Authority has annual budget of about Rs.200 million while the Safe House has annual budget of Rs.5 million, however these organizations need to improve their working, as owing to inactive role and non-utilization of funds on assigned tasks, the budgets have reportedly lapsed,” he said and added that it is because of absence of coordination mechanism.

“We need to devise the coordination mechanism for better results,” he urged.

Capacity Building Workshop held for Tharparkar police- Sindh Courier-2Kashif Bajer viewed that these are very small things but one needs to understand. “We can work in a better way despite all these weakness in the system,” he said.

He also spoke about the conditions of prisons, and said that prisons are considered as Reform Houses in other civilized countries but here a person becomes a habitual criminal after being imprisoned even if he is convicted in a minor crime.

Advocate Rai Singh Sodho underlined the need of new legislation so that the investigation side could be strengthened. He also spoke about the powers of Station House Officer (SHO) and said that SHO has vast powers but he is not allowed to use it.

Psychologist Dr. Bhart in his speech called for changing the attitudes. “We must pay respect to others, as several issues can be resolved only through changed behaviors.”

Dr. Bhart also urged the parents to spare time for their children. “Pay special attention to the children, who indulge in consuming drugs that often cause mental disorders. Even the excessive use of social media is the result of mental disorder, which in turn develops other complications,” he said.





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