Cinema Hotels gain popularity in China

Cinema Hotels-ChinaThe Cinema Hotels now constitute the ninth-biggest hotel segment in China

Beijing: Cinema-themed hotels, a new type of accommodation service that provides customers with mid to high-end audiovisual experience comparable to cinemas, are becoming increasingly popular in China, China Daily reported.

These hotels now constitute the ninth-biggest hotel segment in China, with a market share of 4.27 percent, according to commercial property information provider Meadin.

“The booming movie market has undoubtedly created new opportunities for the hotel industry,” said Gao Manxia, a researcher with Meadin.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a reshuffle in the hospitality industry and sparked drastic shifts in lifestyle and purchasing habits, such as a greater need for privacy and safety, which spurred the customers’ interest in cinema hotels, said Gao.

Traditional hotels are also reinventing themselves to catch up. Rest Hotel of Shanghai-based Yibon Hotels Group for example, has turned 20 percent of its rooms into “VIP cinema rooms,” according to Meadin.

Gao suggested that cinema hotels be more innovative in responding to customers’ evolving needs, and seek more collaboration with the movie industry.


Courtesy: Xinhua



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