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Contemporary World Literature: A Poem from India

Shaheer Pulikkal, a young short story writer and novelist from India expresses his feelings about Indian Citizenship laws through a poem ‘I am also a citizen”

Malayalam short story writer and novelist Shaheer Pulikkal was born on December 16, 2001 in Mannarkkad, Palakkad district. He is currently studying for a degree at MES College, Mannarkkad under Calicut University.

Contemporary-World-Literature- India- Shaheer Pulikkal - Sindh Courier

I am also a citizen

At the time of birth

I was Indian

Here is the government today

Tells me

No, you do not have citizenship

Because of what

It was clear to me


For dogs and cats

The cow may have, too, here

Who became a Muslim!

I’m not the only one


No, not at all

Fourteenth century

It’s about to start

For the suffering of escape

I am also a citizen,

Is the descendant of the abandoned!

On the verge of dying

As much as the ray of vibration

He is a man of desire I am also a citizen


Are you a Muslim?

If so, make out

You are a migrant.

Begging alms is yours Right.


I am a citizen,

Prominent, enlightened

It is light for India

Blood was drawn from the chest

Those who have achieved freedom are mine


The citizen is the same

No matter how much longer it makes me tremble

 I will not tremble

No obedience

Revolution only!


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