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Contemporary World Literature Poetry from BengalContemporary World Literature Poetry from India

A Poem By Apu Mondal

About the Poet

Contemporary-World-Literature- Bengal- Apu-Mondal- Sindh-CourierApu Mondal is from Kolkata now settled in South India. He is an English teacher by profession. Passionately dedicated to poetry he has written over 700 poems in English. He holds an honorary D. Lit in Poetry. Some of his poems are published in national and international anthologies. His poems deal with human concerns and nature as part of life.

He has shared one of his poem with Sindh Courier.

The Harvest

The harvest must

Carefully be stored

So rats cannot eat it

Birds cannot eye it

Burglars cannot run

Into it

And the poor grower

Who toiled with the

Earth, sweated with

The sun and got wet

In the rain, then watched

For hours and days

Till his sweat ripened

And looked lovely

Like a newly-wed girl

And smiled and bloomed.

He it is,

Waiting for God’s gift

To see him through

Happiness and sorrow,

Wiping tears of joy

And sighing in relief,

Even as the moon shone

On his balcony, the

Harvest showing it’s


While lying in layers

Of love and affection!


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