Home Court Dadu’s transgender seeks legal protection

Dadu’s transgender seeks legal protection

Dadu’s transgender seeks legal protection
Transgender Zakir Husain alias Sumaira Khoso

A local court of gender-based violence has fixed hearing on Feb 9

By Allah Bux Khushik

DADU, Sindh

A local young transgender has filed protection application in the court of District and Sessions Judge of Dadu against his former friend.

Resident of Railway Colony, Zakir Husain alias Sumaira Khoso in a protection applicant filed in the court through a lawyer stated that he/she had friendship with Ashan Ali Solangi and but later had breakup due to alleged blackmailing of Ashan Ali and his relatives.

Transgender alleged in application that there was written commitment between Ashan Ali Solangi and his relatives that if Ashan Ali and he (Transgender) would violate commitment and resuming friendship, there would be fine of Rs.300, 000/-.

Ahsan Ali - Transgender-Friend
Ahsan Ali, former friend of transgender

Transgender further alleged in application that Ashan Ali however is exerting pressure for friendship and threatened of committing suicide by consuming poison in case of refusal. Transgender alleged that Ashan Ali Solangi and his parents were blackmailing him.

Young transgender has prayed the District and Sessions Judge Dadu for legal protection from former friend.

Meanwhile, the District and Session Judge Dadu Muhammad Murad Memon has transferred the application to gender-based violence court for hearing.

The Judge Abdul Haque Mangrejo of Gender-Based Violence Court has fixed hearing on 9th February and directed the SSP Dadu Dr. Abdul Khalique Pirzado to submit report within 5 days about the allegations of transgender.



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