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Good Morning – Poetry from Vietnam

Bang Ai Tho, poetess from the land of Blue Dragon shares her four poems Good Morning, A Day Like That, Love and Delusions Dream

I dream about the cool blue river, the moon is thin on high; it looks like a silver sickle, vaguely harvested on star field

Bang Ai Tho

Bang Ai Tho, the Vietnamese poetess, was born in 1958. She is also the musician and painter, and the member of Vietnam Writers’ Association. She is author of six volumes of poetry including The Silent Eyes, The White Candle and The Rose. Bang Ai Tho is winner of two national awards of literature.


Good Morning

Could you sleep last night?

Have a nice day, little guard

Bustling in sleepy grove

The birds call for the dawn


Another day of sickness every day

So many times life often exhausting

Morning, afternoon, time mixed into a bun

I remember myself at night when leaning back.


A world in harmony with illusion

Your dream follows the wind blowing

Every day traces disappear

Sad fluctuations suddenly die


I dream about the cool blue river

The moon is thin on high

It looks like a silver sickle

Vaguely harvested on star field


Wake up, the beat starts again

Day comes to wake up every hair

Night curled up, sky gradually noise

Why is it like a drop of water not falling?

A day like that

There is a summer day like that

Like the lover’s kiss that lingers

Take me wandering through the sunny and windy region

Loneliness is marginalized


There is no gaze to the abyss

Sad eyes through clumsy time

Because you don’t have much difference

Because your wisdom has not yet popped


There are steps that have not reached the top

Where heaven and earth not border

Linger on your legendary face

A little day tinged with love


The song of the sun in the afternoon

Moving through each leaf finger

Your hair is loosened through the wind

My singing in the middle of the treble


There is a day the sun rushed over

The sun shines as autumn is near

Listen to humanity suddenly praise

Praise a little love that has not yet been named!


Lover’s nightmares

Or a peaceful glow

Love of husband and wife in pillow and blanket

Or the beautiful male screaming humiliation


The day of marry to rely on

Injustice stalks the princess curtain

Bowing the heads to recite the naive body

Phoenix appointment date for reunion

King father, how wise

Lost palace is by only a magic crossbow

Get lost in death, love life

The spirit converges for judgment


Red tide surges, angry waves

Paternal love crushed grimly

Crying and looking up at the father last time

Spiritual wind and rain sighed

Dear Father, My Chau is sacrificed

Feel father’s pain


Daughter’s blood was red

Father’s body was full of mourning

The East Sea has let go of its bolts

Foolish madness devil cries love

Bright turquoise hidden deep well

A pair of green souls


Ancient words turn back to ancient city

Red silk covered the body with smoky incense

Mossy rock banks rained and shined

Exculpated the lives to rebirth the flowers!

Delusions Dream

I dreamed of something strange

Good people and evil people take together

And a starry sky sings white night song

Leaves whispering in silence

Startled the little birds


I dreamed of something strange

Someone cut my soul in frustration

My body is numb with smell of incense

The sound of young felt seeped into my skin

I drifted wildly back to heaven


Don’t dream anymore, gray dreams

The high sky has set the stars

Morning in the mist

Birds jump on high trees


A light knock on my door so happily

Come on, wake up! Beginning of a new day

Come on, wake up! Outside the door

What is it – not a dream!


(Translated from Vietnamese into English by Khanh Phuong- English version edited by Bruce Grey)



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