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Graduation ceremony of Emirati Future Leadership Initiative held

Graduation ceremony of Emirati Future Leadership Initiative held

University of Sharjah in cooperation with the University of Malay in Malaysia organized a week long training with the participation of 14 students

Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Deputy Ruler of Sharjah, and President of the University of Sharjah (UoS), attended the graduation ceremony of the third batch of students participating in the Emirati Future Leadership Initiative (EFLI), at the Student Forum at the University of Sharjah.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the two students, Fatima Al Shamsi and Amna Al Naqbi, gave a presentation entitled “Lessons from the Future Leaders Camp at the University of Malay in Malaysia,” in which they discussed the students’ experience in the camp, organized by the University of Sharjah in cooperation with the University of Malay in Malaysia for a week with the participation of 14 students, as a continuation of the Future Leaders Program, which lasts for 6 months of training, workshops and lectures, and is organized by the University’s Institute of Leadership in Higher Education.

The training camp covered several important topics, such as governance, transformational leadership, and shaping the future, presented by many experts and specialized trainers. The camp also included field visits to many government institutions and companies, universities, training institutions, and industrial and advanced technology complexes, in order to learn about innovative projects that address local and global challenges in different fields.

Graduate students from the initiative presented five innovative projects that highlight their vision of contributing to the growth of society. They addressed a number of future proposals regarding training and qualification by establishing a specialized academy, and helping new students by organizing a future generation career exhibition, and innovative applications.

Projects presented by the graduates highlighted the many skills that students acquired during their enrolment in the program, which varied between employing technology, innovation, and benefiting from administrative, educational, and practical goals, and supporting students’ talents in the creative, artistic, organizational, and research aspects, solving problems, good time management, and cooperation as a work team.

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At the end of the ceremony, Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed honored the 36 graduates of the initiative, from the colleges of the University of Sharjah.

The Emirati Future Leadership Initiative, organized by the University of Sharjah for the third year in a row, aims to support the direction of Emiratisation, achieve the principle of social responsibility of the university, build the professional and practical capabilities and knowledge of the participating students, and provide them with the necessary tools to build their skills and enhance their abilities to adapt to the requirements of the labor market through workshops and field visits.

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