Home Floods Multan NGO builds Shelter Houses for IDPs in Khairpur District

Multan NGO builds Shelter Houses for IDPs in Khairpur District

Multan NGO builds Shelter Houses for IDPs in Khairpur District

Saiban Kisaan Society had earlier erected 178 Tents in different villages of three Union Councils.

Water in Kotdiji Taluka has been found with high concentration of TDS harmful for human health.

Sindh Courier   

Kotdiji, Sindh

After setting up Tent Villages in different Union Councils (UCs) of Kotdiji Taluka of Khairpur district, in Sindh, the Multan-based NGO – Saiban Kissan Society (SKS) has started work on constructing Shelter Homes in a selected village.

The five Shelter Houses, being built in the village Bhukho Lashari of UC Bufo, will be one-room structures, each measuring 16 × 16 ft. This is a pilot project and will be completed by this Friday to provide shelter to the displaced families.

The SKS is run by Bukhari Syed family of Multan and recently their team, along with some philanthropists from UK, had visited the areas to build shelter homes. The pilot project will help estimate the total cost, after which more shelter homes will be built in different villages of Khairpur district.

Kotdiji-ShelterHouse-Sindh-Courier-1Earlier, the SKS had erected 23 tents in Village Atta Muhammad Bhanbhro, 21 tents in Naseer Fakeer Jalalani town, 22 tents in Bago Dero Panhyar village, 15 tents in Hussain Bukhsh Talpur village of UC Naseer Fakeer Jalalani; 28 tents in Bathero village, 15 tents in Yousif Bhanbhro village, 22 tents in Jagir Ali Akbar and 14 tents in Bhukho Lashari village of UC Bufo. Similarly, in UC Talpur Wada, 13 tents were erected in village Marchi and 5 tents in Ali Abad. “The total number of tents is 178,” Bashir Ahmed Mallah, a rights activist and member-elect District Council Khairpur from UC Naseer Fakeer Jalalani, told Sindh Courier. Mr.Mallah had taken personal efforts to launch rescue and relief work in this area inundated during recent torrential rains, as the government didn’t extend any help to the displaced and marooned villagers. He himself had been visiting the affected villages along with SKS teams.

The SKS had also arranged provision of 2-time cooked food besides ration bags for the affected villagers of above mentioned UCs. The SKS teams and local volunteers had often used boats to reach the marooned villages.

Kotdiji-ShelterHouse-Sindh-CourierAs regards current situation, Mr. Mallah said that most of the areas are still under the water as the influential persons had developed fish farms blocking the natural water ways.

“The accumulated water has caused outbreak of water-borne diseases. Although the NGO had organized free medical camps in affected villages, a health emergency needs to be declared in entire Sindh to treat the ailing people, men, women and children,” he urged.

“The quality of water has deteriorated further as high concentration of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) has been found when the NGO teams checked the water quality using the modern equipment,” Mr. Mallah said adding that according to experts consumption of such a low quality water will harm the health of people.



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