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No Pain No Gain

No Pain No Gain

no-pain-no-gainWe should be bold enough to face the hardships of life that we encounter in the journey of our dreams

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How beautifully someone has said that dream is not something that we see in deep slumber indeed. It’s something which does not allow sleep.

Very often so, we see our destination in dreams. Our dreams always touch the sky like an eagle but our struggle is seen crawling on Earth like an ant. Our dreams are to make life pleasant like garden but our struggle is like desert. Our dreams are to be well and educated person but our struggle is nasty like mud. Our dreams are to shine like sun but our struggle is like flood. Our dreams are like time (no full stop) but our struggle is like mountain (no movement). Our dreams are boundary-less like the sea but our struggle is like small broken glass. This means that we dwell in the world of inaction.

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The fact is this that there are certain rules and universal laws to make our dreams come true. Life is not a race but it ought not to be like stagnant water. We should be bold enough to face the hardships of life that we encounter in the journey of our dreams like aardvark young plant does. How it grows up and turns into strong tree? It suffers from the problems of weather, water, insects and Earth. After facing all these it becomes a strong tree.

If we want to bear fruit like tree then our struggle must be as strong as the root of that tree. Work silently and let your success come. If you want to make yourself brighter you will have to burn like the sun.

Don’t be a fly, be a bee, the difference is that one sits on trash and other sucks the nectar from flowers and makes honey from that juice which is very useful. Be practical and do the things like pragmatists. Don’t be afraid of failure. Your consistency and determination have decisive role in your destiny. So, embrace punctuality and work your way.

Ibrar Ali Samo

Karachi, Sindh