Dog-bite victim dies- Roshan Mallah- Sindh Courier-1

Dog-bite victim dies due to unavailability of Anti-rabies vaccine


Dog-bite victim dies- Roshan Mallah- Sindh Courier-1Roshan Mallah died as no anti-rabies vaccine was available at Thatta Civil Hospital  

By Kamran Khamiso Khowaja

Thatta: A young man who was bitten by a rabid dog about a week ago died on Friday reportedly due to non-availability of anti-rabies vaccine at Thatta Civil Hospital.

According to local people, the deceased Roshan Malah, resident of Bukhari Mohalla of Thatta town died after he was attacked by a rabid dog about a week ago and suffered deadly injuries on the head and torso.

His relatives said that he started showing symptoms of rabies including hydrophobia, a couple of days after he was bitten by the dog.

He was rushed to the Civil Hospital Thatta where due to the unavailability of anti-rabies vaccine doctors asked his relatives to shift the victim to any private hospital in Karachi for treatment, but they could not afford the cost of his treatment at private hospitals and as a result he died.

Dog-bite victim dies- Roshan Mallah- Sindh Courier-2The members of civil society criticized the administration of municipal committee Thatta over its failure to rid the town of rabid dogs despite court orders. They said the dog-bite cases were increasing across the district, but the authorities concerned were not taking measures against the menace.

They also lamented that the administration of NGO ‘MERF’ running the hospitals also failed to address the problems faced by dog bite victims. They have urged authorities concerned to take notice of this issue.