Home Book Review Octogenarian poet and writer Bhagwan Nirdosh continues his literary journey

Octogenarian poet and writer Bhagwan Nirdosh continues his literary journey

Octogenarian poet and writer Bhagwan Nirdosh continues his literary journey
Title of the book 'Miti'a Ji Mahak'

A book is a gift you can open it again and again   

Bhagwan Nirdosh, a renowned Sindhi poet and writer, has given readers the gift of two new poetry books – ‘Miti’a Ji Mahak’ (Aroma of Earth), a collection of Ghazals, and ‘Bhagwan Nirdosh Ja Choond Ghazal’, the collection of selected Ghazals. The first one has been compiled and published by B. K. Hotchandani in Ahmedabad with the support of Gujarat Sindhi Sahitiya Academy Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat State of India while the other one has been compiled and published by Heena Agnani ‘Heer’, herself a poetess and writer, based in Ahmedabad, with the support of National Council for Promotion of Sindhi Language Delhi. This book has also been published online by Sindh Salamat Kitab Ghar and is available on website.

Title of book 'Bhagwan Nirdosh Ja Choond Ghaza'- Sindh Courier
Title of book ‘Bhagwan Nirdosh Ja Choond Ghazal’

Bhagwan Nirdosh had already 19 books to his credit that include mostly poetry collections besides translations from Sindhi to Gujarati language. His books include two poetry collections for children namely ‘Rimjhim Rimjhim’ (Rain) and ‘Rangbarangi Phhookna’ (Colorful Baloons). The books translated in Gujarati are ‘Baato Jane Chay’, a monologue, authored by Vasdev Nirmal; ‘Sangharsh’, short stories of A. G. Utam. His other books are ‘Hari Dilgir, Hik Abhyas’, ‘Merriya Je Moo Moti’, ‘Nam Kathiya Natak Nawees’, which also used as reference books at educational institutions in Mumbai and Rajasthan. His popular poetry books are ‘Sur Sureela Saaz Ja’, ‘Chand Kaee Chandaaqn’, ‘Ghazlan Jee Goonj’, ‘Rooh Joon Randoon’, ‘Sukhh Ja Pachha’ and ‘Surha Surha Suwas’.

About the Author

Bhimandas Kakumal Hotchandani, known with his pen name Bhagwan Nirdosh, was born in Bhiria, a small town of Sahity Pargana in Naushehro Feroze district (former Nawabshah district) of Sindh on October 13, 1942.

Since the childhood he had very sharp memory as he still remembers with what difficulties his father Kakumal and his family faced when they migrated to India in 1947, though at that time even his formal schooling was yet to start.

After coming to India, Hotchandani family settled at Baroda, which is now known as Vadoda. Here schooling of Bhimandas started at Outram Sindhi School at Warsiya Sindhi camp. He completed BA from Maharaja Sayajirao University and went on to acquire B.Ed. from Bhopal University.

Bhagwan Nirdosh - Sindh CourierTo the world of Sindhi literature he was introduced and guided by renowned literary personality of Shri Lakhmichand Prem. Bhimandas started attending literary meetings at Ahmedabad where he had spent a good time in company of Vasudev Mohi, Arjun Hasid and Shri Nandlal and learned a few literary skills from them. He also worked as the editor of Sindhi magazines Nazrano and Sajni.

He started his professional career as teacher at Adarsh Sindhi High School Kuber Nagar way back in 1966 but very shortly he joined M. G. Higher Secondary School in 1970. Meanwhile on the last day of 1969 he got married with Gopi Chhablani. When he decided to retire from the educational field, he was working as the Vice Principal of the school. After retirement he is living in Ahmedabad.

He is multi skilled person as he is approved artist of All India Radio and Doordarshan . He has worked as Compiler of Gujarat Textbook Mandal and Advisor member of Gujarat Sindhi Academy.

Literary contribution

A few books of Bhagwan Nirdosh are also used as the reference books at university level. Some of his popular and award-winning books are Suwaas Suwaas Man Surhaan, Sukhh Ja Pachha, Hari Dilgir hik Abhiyas.

Awards and recognitions

Bhagwan Nirdosh has won many awards of Gujarat Sindhi Academy, National Council for Promotion of Sindh Language Delhi and even from forest and environment departments for his poem ‘Parayavaran Jo Pratap’.

Gujarat State Government also honored him with ‘Gaurav Puraskar’ award for his Ghazal collection Surha Surha Suwaas.

He is respectable name of Sindhi literary world of Gujarat.


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