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Palestine is the Heart of World: Virtual World Conference for Palestine

Palestine is the Heart of World: Virtual World Conference for Palestine

World Poetry Movement (WPM) is organizing the virtual World Conference for Palestine on June 15 – 16

Medellin. Colombia  

World Poetry Movement (WPM) is organizing the virtual World Conference for Palestine on June 15 – 16, 2024. The conference will be hosted by cultural authorities in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

World Poetry Movement Logo Sindh CourierThe WPM decided to call poets, writers, artists, intellectuals and politicians to meet and discuss the necessary way to protect the Palestinian people. In a two-day meeting, with speeches and analysis.

Since October 2023 Gaza and all of Palestine have been the subject of genocide, crime and massacre against the Palestinian people, resulting in 35,000 martyrs, including more than 135 writers and journalists. Over a hundred thousand Palestinians have been injured and thousands have gone missing and jailed. The war continues with the occupation agenda of massacres, more killings, destruction and deportation of people from their national soil.

As Fernando Rendón said in his letter to President Mahmoud Abbas: “Every death in Palestine is a death of humanity.” At the meeting of the Coordination Committee of the World Poetic Movement, a strong call was published warning: “The world and Palestine are in great danger. We must step up, speak up, and act. “It is of utmost urgency, and we cannot leave Palestine fighting alone.” This is the voice of committed poets from around the world.

That being said, one can stand firm with the absolute norms and values of justice, the dignity of writers, and the self-determination of the people. How can our pen burst to portray what did not exist in old legends, and not even in the recorded history of crimes that were subjugation letters? And how can we talk about rivers of blood leaking through the guillotine corridors prepared for imposing individuals entangled in a free rising country? What will we say about the destruction, the torture of women and children, and the tension of horror, groaning and lamenting?

Attacking innocent people in Gaza by the Israeli occupation, while the great powers are silenced, is genocide. The financial and arms support of the criminal occupation by the United States and other countries has allowed the genocide. Are we human beings, or simply a luminous destiny banned from existence? Do we have the right to live safely in our countries, or is our right etched in the graves of death without wages?

We also wonder, how can Palestinians and Palestinian writers and journalists live in Gaza and all over Palestine with Israeli systemic terrorism? They are down, suffering the horror of the scene. They could die in a second while covering up the atrocities of the Israeli occupation. Enough is enough; seventy five years of occupation is enough, stealing our lands, killing our people and destroying our homes is enough.

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The World Poetic Movement (WPM) is an organization that gained momentum due to its strong and unreserved stance in supporting the Palestinian struggle through poetry, demonstrations, declarations and resolutions. Such important actions, in which all their distinguished poets members, acted and still can act to achieve justice by stopping the war and ending the last occupation.

World Conference for Palestine

The World Conference for Palestine can add to the acquisition of justice a clear path to freedom. It is a response and a challenge to America and the great powers that support the occupation and provide more destructive weapons. The importance of the word and its strong impact on people, and the role of artists, writers, thinkers and academics as individuals and as a collective power, is a basic element to make the Conference possible. The World Conference for Palestine is indispensable and of utmost urgency.

WPM-Conference-1More than 60 speakers from 30 countries

The first day will have FERNANDO RENDÓN, Colombia, President of the WPM, NICOLÁS MADURO MOROS , President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, RAWHI FATTOUH , President of the Palestinian National Council , ADONIS,  Syria , FORTUNATE CHARUMBIRA , President of the Pan-African Parliament , South Africa, FREDDY ALFRED ÑÁÑEZ , Sector Vice President of Communication, Culture and Tourism of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, GHASSAN ZAQTAN, Palestine , JUAN DAVID CORREA, Minister of Culture, Arts and Knowledge,  Colombia, ANARELLA VELEZ , Minister of Heritage of Honduras, ZOLANI MKIVA,  South Africa, HANNAN AWAD, Palestine, MURAD SUDANI, Palestine , GILLES DEVERS, France , HUU VIET, Vietnam , MOHAMMED ACHAARI, Poet, former Minister of Culture of Morocco, MIKHAIL KRIVNOSOV,  Russia , VADIM TEREKHIN, President of the Federation of Writers, Russia , RAUL ZURITA , Chile, CAO SHUI, China, TAHAR BEKRI, Tunisia , ASHRAF ABOUL – YAZID, Egypt , BOAVENTURA DE SOUSA, Portugal, ANTONIO GAMONEDA, Spain , RAFAEL ARAYA MASRY,  President of COPLAC, Confederation Latin American and Caribbean Palestine,  Argentina, NIKOLAOS VLAHAKIS, Greece, DR. ALAA ABD ALHADI,  President of the Arab Writers Union , MARIÁNGELES PÉREZ LÓPEZ, Spain, GUSTAVO PEREIRA, Venezuela, ASHRAF FAYAD, Palestine , SALEY BOUBE BALI, Niger, YOUSEF ABD AL AZIZ, Palestine, ANWAR AL KHATIB, Lebanon, SLIMANE DJOUADI, Algeria, AHMAD ZAABAR, Tunisia, , ABDULLAH ISSA, Palestinian poet , IBRAHIM NASRALLAH,  Jordan , JAIME CAICEDO,  Colombia , Egyptian journalist ABD ALHALIM GHAZALI, , HINDU ANDERI, Platform Coordinator Palestine Solidarity International, Journalist, Lebanon / Venezuela, GABO SEQUEIRA , Argentina, RATI SAXENA, India, ADAMOU IDE, Niger, ABDEL HAFIZ NOFAL , Ambassador of the Palestinian State to Russia, ABEL PRIETO, Cuba , IGNACIO RAMONET, Spain , CHRISTOS KOUKIS, Greece, FADIL OKTAY, Türkiye , MRS. NARIMAN FAR, Palestine, RAMÓN MEDERO, Venezuela, KESHAB SIGDEL, Nepal, SHURUK DUQQA, Venezuela, ALMA ALVARADO, México, SUSANA KHALIL, Venezuela, MARIBEL MORA CURRIAO, Chile, ALI AL AMERÍ Jordan / Palestine, , MARINA AKHMEDOVA, Russia , FARIDE ZERAN, Chile, BRAHIM TAZAGHART, Algeria, BASSEL ISMAIL SALEM,  Cuba , GRACIELA RAMIREZ, Cuba, SAMAR ALGHOUL, KHALID RAISSOUNI, Morocco, and GABRIEL JAIME FRANCO,  Colombia.

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