Sadique – A Singer of Downtrodden

Great singer Sadique Fakir remembered who was different because he did not sing for fame and money.

When Sadique departed for eternal life in a road accident in Saudi Arabia and his mortal remains were brought to land of his birth, it looked that whole Sindh has turned to participate in his funeral.

Gulsher Panhwer

Land of Thar in eastern environs of Sindh province of Pakistan is different and unique from rest of the territory of Sindh. Despite extreme poverty the beggary and the crime rate is lowest in length and breadth of Thar. Tharparkar and parts of Umerkot district where non-Muslim population is in majority, residents professing different faith live in absolute religious harmony. The land of Thar is wrongly called desert land. In fact after monsoon when there is enough rain, Thar is encased with mesmerizing beautiful greenery. Thar soil is not only fertile in growth of eye catching flora but also nourished and created several philanthropists per excellence. one of the social activist late Miskeen Jahan Khan Khoso is household name in very hut and hamlet of Thar. This area is also Treasure trove of thriving culture. Music is in blood of the Thari people.

Mai Bhagi, koil of Thar enthralled and enraptured the music lovers and after her demise still lives through her sweet songs in the hearts of connoisseurs and commoner of world of music. Shafi Faqir and numerous others dominate the world of music in Thar and beyond. But Singer Sadique Faqir, not only created hundreds of thousands of his fans in Thar, Sindh, Pakistan and in foreign countries but he was adorable exception among the galaxy of the singers in Thar and rest of the Pakistan. He is rare exception because he adopted and practiced music not as source of wealth and prominence but as source of wiping the tears of wretched poor and bringing smile on their haggard and emaciated faces.

Sadiq Fakir remembered- Sindh Courier-1During my recurring visits to Thar I have heard Sadqiue Faqir’s name with reverence and gratitude. Once I asked Ali Akbar Rahimoo, one of my friends, why everybody praises Saqdique.  I enquired that though I have heard only couple of his songs and one cannot form opinion about a popular singer and judge his skills from only one or two songs but honestly speaking I haven’t found such excellence in his music. Ali Akbar spoke on Sadique Faqir for almost 2 hours without any pause.  Rahimoo who was one of friends of Sadqique shared how a shy boy from poor family entertained his small circle of friends with music. How young Sadqiue felt shy when college classmates urged and insisted that he should sing on stage during a college function. How his first appearance in small function on stage paved way for his ever rising popularity.

But Sadqiue was kneaded from different soil. He did not change with sudden transformation of his financial and social status. He sat with his old friends and common people. He felt more pleasure in singing in public gathering.

He was different because he did not sing for fame and money.  Once a poor young man from Meghwar community approached famous singer to come and sing in his marriage party. Sadiqu faqir said that on the date of the marriage of the poor boy, he already had booking on a leading TV channel. The boy was disappointed and dejected. Reading his disappointment Sadique assured the boy that he will sing in his marriage ceremony and cancelled his program on TV channel. He supported poor and his Autaq was always filled with guests and fans. During monsoon season when visitors from different parts of Sindh and other provinces flooded Thar, the Autaq of Sadique was overcrowded. He served the food to the guest’s day and nights with swelled eyes due to sleeplessness.

Sadiq-Fakir-remembered-Sindh CourierOn February 26, 2022, Jan Muhammad Samoom, a friend Hassan Sindhi and Asghar Ali from Mirpurkhas invited me to join 7th death anniversary of this great and adorable singer and personality of Thar.

Haji Saand, a popular poet while paying rich tribute to late Siddique Faqir said that Sadique might not have had excellence and sophistication and rigorous training in music in comparison to his contemporary singers but he was one of the great caring man during his short lifetime and he sang with heart and soul. Whenever he performed on sad songs, there was pain of Thari life in his voice and whenever he sang songs of happiness, the happy moments of the Thar flowed from his voice.

Sadiq Fakir remembered - Sindh Courier-2Sadique was profligate on spending on the poor. All amount which was generously showered on him by his fans during singing, he would distribute among his musician band and poor and would return empty handed.  He would extend financial help to the needy with or without demand.

With rare exception, majority of the singers and artists after gaining nominal fame become arrogant. They avoid poor fans. From their behavior it is apparent that they are different creatures. But artists like Sadique are rare breed in the world of music and show biz. That is why when Sadique departed for eternal life in the aftermath of road accident in Saudi Arabia and his mortal remains were brought to land of his birth, it looked that whole Sindh has turned to participate in his funeral. They wept as if their family member had left this world. After seven years since Sadique Faqir left his dear ones and fans mourning, sons, the scion of Siddique picked up the thread and they are continuing his legacy.


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