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Sharp increase in suicide cases reported in Tharparkar

Sharp increase in suicide cases reported in Tharparkar

Sharp increase in suicide cases reported in Tharparkar -1Number of suicide cases jumped to 21 within two-and-half months after three more cases were reported in a single day   

By GR Junejo

Mithi: Desert District Tharparkar has recorded sharp increase in suicide cases as at least 21 persons including men and women reportedly ended their life within two and half a month this year in different areas of district.

In just a single day on Tuesday the 16th March, three suicide cases were reported from three different places.

According to reports gathered here, a 22-year young boy Molu Meghwar committed suicide by jumping into a well at village Chhaho Meghwar of Taluka Dahli. His parent said in their statement that the deceased had been suffering from some kind of mental disorder. The Chhachhro police shifted the body to hospital from where it was handed over to the heirs after postmortem.

Similar incident took place at village Varvai of Taluka Islamkot where 15-year young boy Abdul Rauf’s body was found from a well. The Islamkot police handed over the body to the heirs after autopsy from local hospital. In this case too, the parents reported that the boy had some mental disorder.

In third incident, a 32-year woman identified as Haseena Bajer ended her life by hanging in a room of the house in Bilawal Bajer colony near Mithi town. The cause of such extreme step is said to be poverty. The police brought the body at civil hospital and later handed it to the heirs after postmortem.

Earlier reports suggest that a woman Bhabhika and a man Doongro were found dead hanging in a room on the night of December 31, 2020 and January 01, 2021. The case is being probed by the police, as the heirs have accused the owner of the house.

On January 07, sixty-year Punhoon Mal Meghwar committed suicide at village Haryar of Taluka Mithi while a 14-year girl had ended her life in village Sakro of Nagarparkar Taluka on January 18. The reason behind suicide could not be ascertained.

A 16-year girl Rameela daughter of Sojo Meghwar committed suicide by hanging herself with a rope in her home on February 3 at village Venjhniari near Islamkot while on February 4, a Meghwar boy ended his life by jumping into a well at village Kankiyo. Same day, some five such cases were reported from Dahli and Chhachhro Talukas. On February 11, a 60-year old woman Hakeema Meghwar ended her life due to protracted illness at village Bhadari of Chhachhro Taluka.

In yet another case, a woman ended her life at Helariyo locality of Mithi town on February 24 while on March 5 a 16-year unmarried girl Naina daughter of Maghan Kolhi ended her life by hanging herself in a tree at village Dodva near Nagarparkar. It is said that girl’s mother had asked her to fetch water from the well which infuriated her take such step. On March 9, a married woman committed suicide at Dareli locality of Islamkot. Her heirs have accused her in-laws for the incident.

In a workshop held in Mithi in February, it was reported that Poverty and social inequalities have led to a sharp rise in young women taking their own lives in the Tharparkar district, with over 125 women reportedly having died due to suicide in the past 13 months.


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