Imam Ali (AS) – The Voice of Human Justice

The book, authored by George Jordac, a Christian scholar from Lebanon in 1956, was translated into English from Arabic version…

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In ancient Punjab, religion was fluid, not watertight

Buddhism was very popular in Punjab during the Mauryan and post-Mauryan period. [Eminent historian Romila Thapar’s speech at the History…

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Sir Syed and Maulana Azad show how to deal with hurt religious sentiments

Two widely respected public intellectuals and religious scholars of India, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and Maulana Abul Kalam Azad found…

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Islam is as liberal as Secularism

Dialectical debate or constructive argumentation is appreciated in Islam, and this adds to the flexibility and pluralist thoughts in its…

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Colonial Myths about arrival of Muslims in Sindh

Rethinking and re-imagining Sindh’s past – especially concerning the era starting from Mohenjodaro and ending in Muhammad bin Qasim’s arrival…

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Backbiting – A cancer for our society

Unfortunately the backbiting is so widespread among people in our society that wherever you go, the people can be seen…

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