Sindh govt. plans rehabilitation of birthplace of Lord Jhulelal in Nasarpur town

Minister for Minority Affairs Gianchand Essrani inaugurates development schemes at the shrine of Lord Jhulelal in Uderolal town Uderolal, Sindh…

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The Nassarpuri Sindhi: Who are Nassarpuris?

The author narrates the history of her ancestors and other Sindhi families of Nasarpur, who had big businesses in Karachi.…

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Let’s meet Kumar Ghanshani, a versatile artist

Based in Ahmedabad, India, Kumar has performed in four Sindhi movies, scores of Sindhi, Gujarati and Hindi plays, stage shows…

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Glory in blue

The artisans of Nasarpur were known far and wide, decorating the walls and facades of magnificent mosques and tombs built…

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