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Teach your kids about good touch and bad touch

Kids are harassed sometimes by their teacher, by the relatives, and by an unknown person.

Everybody should raise voice against such people, who are a black scar on the face of our society.

You must have heard about harassment with kids, sometimes by their teacher, by their relatives, and sometimes by an unknown person. People doing such things in our society should die with guilt, and should not call themselves human. Kids are naive and cute. They love their relatives so much and respect them, how can relatives do such things with them? Kids are inspired by their teachers, they admire their teachers, and teachers are given the place of parents, so how can they do such things with their kids. This is the mistake of their parents because most of the parents don’t teach their kids about good touch and bad touch so kids who aren’t taught, how they would tell their parents that they are touched on a wrong place. Every parent should teach their children about good touch and bad touch.

Recently in Sindh, a student of 10 to 15 years age was harassed by a teacher in a public sector school and yet no action has been taken, not even by their parents. They are trying to suppress the information and are not disclosing it. Everybody should raise their voice against such people, who are a black spot on the face of our society. Because of these cases now every parent gets worried about their children when they get to school, and most of the parents are preventing them from public schools. Statements are being given that public schools are not safe for our children anymore and we won’t send them to public schools. It is shameful thing that such kind of things are happening in our Islamic country and now children are not even safe to go to school anymore.

Haani Mustafa

Karachi Sindh

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