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The bus called tomorrow – A Poem from Korea

The bus called tomorrow – A Poem from Korea

The next bus is tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day when hope goes to meet the sun.

Kim Do Yeon Korea Sindh CourierMs. Kim Do Yeon, a poetess from Korea, the Land of Morning Calm, shares her poem  

Poetess Ms. Kim Do Yeon was born in Yeongi, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea. She received the Rookie Award in the literary magazine “SISASA” in 2012. She is active in various literary magazines, publishing her poems. She has published a poetry collection titled “I Copied My Mom”. She is also a member of the Ieodo Literature Association.

seoultransport_featured-1200x720The bus called tomorrow

In the hands that missed the last train

I wish I had wheels and not a ticket.

The next bus is tomorrow

The hope bus is tomorrow

Cherry tree petals, whose tomorrow cannot be predicted, are rushing in.


I sit in a dark chair and count flower petals.

Three petals, nine petals, fifteen petals, thirty-two petals

If I wait for tomorrow, will it be fruitful?

If the bus disappears forever today

On the bus tomorrow

What can I load?


The old moon. A distorted old moon. The old moon with no tomorrow.

But the old moon does not cry.

Just a little bit, far away tomorrow

Just as the lonely old moon, growing old alone, never gives up hope

I wish buses had life too.


The next bus is tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day when hope goes to meet the sun.

Resume due today

A day waiting for tomorrow’s bus.

Hope for the bus tomorrow.


Dark cats wandering around without any nationality. Dark cats who don’t believe in tomorrow.

By the way, where is your country?

I will give you this ticket.


Korea-Seoul내일이라는 버스

막차를 놓친 손에

승차권이 아닌 바퀴가 달렸으면 좋겠어.

다음 버스는 내일

희망 버스는 내일

내일을 기약할 없는 벚나무 꽃잎들이 우르르 몰려온다.


캄캄한 의자에 앉아 꽃잎을 센다.

꽃잎 셋, 꽃잎 아홉, 꽃잎 열다섯, 꽃잎 서른

내일을 기다리면 열매가 있을까.

오늘 버스가 영영 사라지면

내일 버스엔

무엇을 실을 있을까.


늙어버린 그믐달. 찌그러진 그믐달. 내일이 없는 그믐달.

그러나 울지 않는 그믐달.

아주 조금, 내일

혼자 늙어버린 쓸쓸한 그믐달이 끝끝내 희망을 포기하지 않는 것처럼

버스에도 생애가 있었으면 좋겠어.


다음 버스는 내일

내일은 희망이 태양을 만나러 가는 날.

오늘 마감인 이력서가

내일의 버스를 기다리는 날.

내일 버스는 희망.


국적도 없이 떠도는 캄캄한 고양이들. 내일을 믿지 않는 캄캄한 고양이들.

그런데 너희들의 나라는 어디니?

승차권을 너에게 주마.


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