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To Everyone, Falling Rain – Poetry from Korea

To Everyone, Falling Rain – Poetry from Korea

To everyone, rain falls alike, only the amount may differ.

Poet Ms. Kim Jisu from Korea, the Land of Morning Calm, shares her two poems

Kim Jisu Korea Sindh CourierPoet Ms. Kim Jisu graduated from Dankook University‘s Department of Theater and Film and majored in arts management in graduate school. She debuted as a poet in 2023 with the ‘Monthly Poetry’. Recommended Poet Award for her poem ‘Girl’s Letter’, in 2024. She received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Foundation for Supporting Victims of Forced Mobilization under Japanese Occupation. Her books include the joint poetry collection “There is someone who comes to mind when I’m alone” (2023) and “How to become a celebrity in Korea” (2006). She is currently a visiting professor in the Department of Theater at Dankook University’s Department of Performing Arts.

Rain-Umbrella-1To Everyone, Falling Rain

To everyone, rain falls alike

Only the amount may differ.


When you feel alone on the rainy street,

Please, do not be sad,

Don’t feel disheartened


I’ll be your umbrella

Even on hot days, though inadequate,

You can use me as a parasol.


Whether it rains

Or snows

Or the sun shines strong and bright.


I’ll be your umbrella

Don’t miss me

Don’t lose me.


Business-Proposal_umbrella-scene_2_SBS누구에게나 비는 내리고

양만 다를 누구에게나

비는 내리고


혼자 맞는다고

슬퍼하지 마세요

힘들어하지 마세요


내가 우산이 되어줄게요


더운 날엔 부족하지만

양산으로도 사용하세요


비가 오나

눈이 오나

햇빛이 강하나


내가 우산이 되어줄게요


나를 놓치지 말아요

잃어버리지 말아요


KoreaGreen five senses

Standing in front of the lawn,

Take a breath,

Take off my white sneakers.


Bare feet are full of scars,

Stand on tiptoe,

I have to walk gently.


Pushed between toes,

The sting of the grass,

Awakens my five senses.


Stop thinking,

Speak less,

Close my eyes.

Become one with the grass,

Walking and walking again,

I feel free.


optimize푸른 오감

잔디밭 앞에 서서

한번 고르고

하얀 운동화를 벗는다


맨발은 상처투성이

까치발 들고

살살 걸어가야지


발가락 사이로 밀려오는

풀들의 따가움은

오감을 깨우고


생각을 멈춘다

말을 줄이고

눈을 감고


잔디와 하나가 된다

걷고 걸으면서

나는 자유로워진


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