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The most faithful departed – Poetry from Cuba

The most faithful departed – Poetry from Cuba

It was time to cry for the dead, the most faithful departed.

[author title=”Dimarys Águila García” image=”https://sindhcourier.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Dimarys-Aguila-Garcia-Sindh-Courier-Cuban-Poetess.jpg”]Dimarys Águila García, born on August 15, 1979, in Güira de Melena, Artemisa, Cuba), is a poet, Press Correspondent for the Argosis International Information Agency, director of its Cultural Movement and director of the Editora Argos Iberoamericana, from the Argosis International Information Agency. She has participated in several literary workshops and international poetry festivals. She is representative in Havana Cuba of Latin American Poetic Art (APL) and Collaborator of the Chilean Es-Kupe Magazine, where she leads the column “Art and culture”. She has won national and international prizes. Her works have been translated into other languages and included among the best letters in the world, 2021. Her poems have been published in the anthologies inside and out of the country. Her two books “Al Derecho y al Revés”, “The secret of parks “, (Poetic Anthology) and” In four walls “(erotic poetry) were published in 2019 and 2020.[/author]


The most faithful departed


It was that afternoon when I saw you die

tight to my chest,

I was hurt

to dress in gauze to your door

to suture the flesh that pretended to go out of his way

and sought help in the final breath of a bottle.

It was time to cry for the dead

the most faithful departed

pink fur

with useless bones

for tears that ceased to serve.

And do you think a kiss would kill me?




The house was the grave

the common grave where the dead remains are thrown

that no one can rebuild.


It was the grave the house

where he asked for protection from death,

the temple dedicated to Hades

washed my soul between cups

bitter coffee.


The house above all,

it was still a grave

a mood appendix

dedicated to storing lingerie

with traces of semen.


The house was always my grave

where should I have kept

just to be pure



I wanted to go naked to your love party


“You can come naked to my love party

I will dress you with caresses”.

         Ruben Martinez Villena*


I wanted to go naked to your love party

to sharpen my breasts inside your mouth,

your mouth, always your mouth,

the one my breasts invented

to fincar* with pressure or to turn the edge.


I wanted to go naked to your love party

astride sow the wheat

that grows to imprecise shock

against the limit of my legs

so native to you.


I wanted to go naked to your love party

and drop me on your scrotum

to the beat of your chords

and accompany your music with my moans.


I wanted to go naked

but you were chaste

you were telling me about lilies and white roses,

I did not understand the language of the Saints

I did not know that purity existed

inside a man

legendarily impure.


*Ruben Martinez Villena – Cuban writer, poet

*Fincar – Spanish word for cultivate