Home World Literature Water does not flow to the river – Poetry from Vietnam

Water does not flow to the river – Poetry from Vietnam

Water does not flow to the river – Poetry from Vietnam

Season is rising, water does not flow to the river, do not long for waves!

[author title=”Tran Thu Ha” image=”https://sindhcourier.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Poet-Tran-Thu-Ha-Vietnam-Sindh-Courier.jpg”]Tran Thu Ha is member of Vietnam Writers’ Association. Her published works include – Sidestep Love Poetry (2006); Section (2007); Self-rotating Earth (2019); Platinum Fragments (2020); Posture (2018). She won literary prize by the National Committee of Vietnam Art Associations for the poems “Self-rotating Earth” in 2010 and two literary awards of Ho Xuan Huong in the year (2005-2015). She also received Certificate of Merit awarded by the Vietnam Writers’ Association in the contest on the subject of war martyrs 2017. [/author]



Water does not flow to the river, do not long for waves!

Lies on the lips

An empty bag never stopped jokingly

Hey you

Don’t use muscle on behalf of lies

The floating face among rainbow!


Not in time to remove makeup

The curve howl marked the night of rejoice

Cannot honor on borrowed lips

When the calcified bones were crackled unintentionally


Not in time to remove makeup

The make-up still trying to hit the cerebral palsy

The mutant faces running in a hurry with many tricks…


Lies painted on the lips

Don’t use muscle on behalf of lies


Oh oh

Season is rising

Water does not flow to the river, do not long for waves!


The instrument sound replaces a pray

  1. The instrument sound sobs drop by drop

She downed her head beside the Guitar in the light of envy

In long time, she turned to be a can

Canned thoughts, canned dreams

Who made dry-oiled the lubrication movements, then to guarantee the warranty and cheer the rested things?

An ingenious symbiosis

There! Her eyes filled up tears because she had to see…

2-How can the stars be exchanged?

How can I keep hide my true musty face, so that every night has to witness the torment, to hear the unexpected things and the secrets that never seemed to know. Unclear and inconceivable thoughts about trust and betrayal!

3- Oh! My love

She downed her head by the guitar in front of the locked doorway

Each drop, each drop of guitar string trembled, sometimes softly, sometimes hoarsely with sadness

She dreamed

The day her hair was in the mid of back, miraculously young form


The illusion sounds messed the ponytail

4 – At nights, the guitar sounds dripping with blood but cannot call the sun

That cannot erase the envy of people

That cannot break the mirror the evil queen looked at

“That mirror dwells in the world”…

5 – She started to stand up, hold her head high and raise her voice, the sound of her heart melt on 10 fingers pressing the time key

In fact

She just wished the sun was like tiny globes giving out light, without hurting a single leaf.

The instrument sound replaces a pray



I’ve been on a longer road than I thought

Wind and sand

I was naked on the poor and shallow shoulders

Was lazy for bath and wash


On the windy hill

The wild flowers smirked innocently making purple a memory area

Look at the fruit on high waiting for the release of the milk

Homeland sweetness ripe fruit that lusted


Smoky day

Sadness like the smoky ground

I saw awake-late birds singing in the falling sun

The season was still windy on the eyes of the empty person

The season still sowed thunderstorms unintentionally.


Remember the time

I and you were thrown into a pocket that smelled of sewers

The guy inside me always raised the flag of war


Did any pain bleed

Can any wound cause infection!


Just knowing

I am the personification of the pain that does not stop the bleeding

As a dry cry in the human world!


Please hide it for me

Darling, please hide it for me

Is that the rain in late summer?

Is a sequel of tears?


In the quiet garden, a spot of light flashed, countless white butterflies formed the garden of fate.

Somewhere, a faded trembling cry, an eloquent change of multi-colors in the day

A call of emergency services 15

The 89th minute signaled a pause for all games.


Like a slow motion video

I wandered on a long sliding road with potholes, gravel and rocks blocking all paths. It smeared on the ideal picture.

Erosion change, gnawing memory running to time-silver eyes!


Sparkling human forms

The left-over whips remembering the wild childhood

The faces of Adam and Eva turned smoky, made the life lips to become thicker

It is the pain that not finding the disease source

That is the pain of a human life!


I quietly watched – quietly turned away

Is that a sequel of tears, of ghosts or demons?

Or the song of seasonal fairytale!


A married woman’s dream

I crossed a strange horizon that breathed fields by time

Burdens and reaping hooks sing with the seeds

Tired eyes, fragrant straw inhaling the smell of recalled new rice



The crack sound to call for growing up, a married woman’s dream

I turned on the belief wave, thousands of pages

The longing dream as if a fruitless tree, filled eyes as if an ancient tower waiting for the moon


By time, I drown in a fairytale dream

“Sewing a big bag to hope picking up gold”…

The dream is green but a tree does not fruit

Why the flowering season is falling in the garden corner?


It’s been a thousand years

In dream

A whisper calls the self-enlightenment spirit 


This morning

I step out from the married woman picture                                                  

Take off the dream

Deeping into the call of love!


(Translated into English by Khanh Phuong)