Home Literature/Poetry An Elegy on the Sarhari Train Accident

An Elegy on the Sarhari Train Accident

An Elegy on the Sarhari Train Accident
Train accident near Sarhari, Sindh

Dozens of passengers lost their lives when several cars of Rawalpindi-bound Hazara Express derailed due to negligence of Pakistan Railways authorities

An Elegy on the Sarhari Train Accident 

By Ashfaque Ali Zardari

In the peaceful town of Sarhari, all was calm,

An adversarial train approached, poised to harm,

Passengers content, bound for their desired ends,

Then a sudden blast; the train off its track bends.

Amid ambulance wails and cries, lives bore the bruise,

Tranquil air shattered, mournful sounds suffuse,

A government’s grand fiasco, facing the oppressed,

Souls crushed, dreams shattered, scene of distress.

The crushed bodies lament, appeal to God’s might,

Some injured, some lifeless, innocent in His sight,

Past voices unheard, their plight left to grow,

A tormenting event, causing separation and woe.


Ashfaque ZardariAshfaque Ali Zardari belongs to Village Alam Khan Zardari, Taluka Shahdadpur, district Sanghar. He is student of English Literature and Linguistics at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University Nawabshah Sindh.


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