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Aziz Jafrani – Poet, Writer and Historian

Aziz Jafrani – Poet, Writer and Historian

Aziz Jafrani - Poet-Historian- Sindh Courier-1The 12th death anniversary of acclaimed historian, writer, and poet Aziz Jafrani is being observed today April 9

By Kamran Khamiso Khowaja

 Sujawal: The 12th death anniversary of acclaimed historian, writer, and poet Aziz Jafrani is being observed on Friday April 9. He is considered among those historians of Sindh who compiled and wrote a consolidated history of Sindh’s Larr (Lower) region.

Aziz Jafrani was born on 18 January 1944 in Chuhar Jamali, a small town of District Sujawal to a well-known figure of the area Mohammad Juman Jafrani, a teacher by profession. He inherited a thirst for knowledge from his father and to quench that thirst he started reading books at an early age. His first story was published in a weekly magazine for children ‘Baran ji Bari’ in 1955. As a teacher, he graced hundreds of thousands of students with the jewel of knowledge.

The late historian was among the founding members of Sindhi Adabi Sangat who pioneered literary activities in District Thatta and Sujawal by organizing different events and literary gatherings. Besides that he opened Mohammad Bin Qasim library- the first-ever library of Sujawal town in the year 1967. He was the man of principles and during his stainless career as an academician that spanned over three decades he never compromised over the quality of education and always defied the trend of “cheating” in Sindh.

He struggled for creating awareness about the importance of education and literacy in district Thatta and Sujawal. He vividly advocated girl’s education when educating girls was considered a cardinal sin. His first book that contained his research about Sujawal – “Sujawal Ji Tareekh’ (The History of Sujawal) published in 1986, followed by “Tareekh-e-Jati Ja Nawan Wark” and “Sujawal Ji Siyasi Samaji Tarekh”.

He also wrote a novel ‘Masoom’ (Innocent) and few books about the history of Islam and Islamic culture. Two books comprising selected verses of his poetry were also published after his death. Apart from it, he translated Dr. Willies’ book ‘The History of Islamic People’ in Sindhi. His several articles about the Culture and History of Sindh were published in different Sindhi, Urdu, and English dailies of the country.

While talking to this correspondent his son Zubair Jafrani Ali said that following restrictions imposed by the Sindh government the scheduled event to mark the death anniversary of his father had been canceled. The eminent literary figure of the Larr region passed away on 9th April 2009.