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Contemporary World Literature – A Poem from Peru

Contemporary World Literature - A Poem from Peru-1Contemporary World Literature

A Poem from Peru

By Ramina Herrera Arteaga

Ramina Herrera Arteaga, born in Luya, Amazonas, Peru in 1979, is a Business Administrator by profession. She graduated from the National University of Trujillo – UNT. Shee received an honorable mention in the 2002 UNT Flower Tales. Her poetry “Memories of Unborn” was published online by the magazine “Voices” of Spain. In 2006 it was included in the anthology “Caminos de Poesía” (Editorial Fund of the Provincial Municipality of Cajamarca. ”In 2007 it published the Poemario“ Nocturna Soledad y otros Poemas ”(Katequil Editores). Currently finishing the layout of the second edition (digital) of “Nocturna Soledad y otros Poemas”, culminating in the poems “WRITINGS OF THE LUNA WOMAN” and “LUYA, PEDACITO DE CIELO”; also promoting a group OLEOS Y VERSOS -PERU that brings together poets and visual artists to join to a larger Latin American group called JUNTOS POR LAS LETRAS, headquartered in Argentina; participates in the Global Poet and Poetry group and is an active member of the board of directors and editorial board; She has been awarded many prestigious recognitions for her writing.

RAMINA HERRERA ARTEAGA - PeruThe acclaimed and well-known Peruvian poet William Guillén Padilla writes about her poetry: “We are proud of his maturity and perseverance, for her mastery of language, for the topics covered and for her manifest lucidity. Ramina Herrera Arteaga emerges with singular writing, to be registered, by its own merit, in the book of remarkable Peruvian poetry.”

She currently lives in Cajamarca.


I walk fast through the streets

 Crammed with people

To which only the eyes can be seen,

 And although today

Distance is essential

 Nobody seems to care

 They walk together like any other day

 Like that time

 That no memories remain,

 Then they complain

 They cry and despair

 When the fever strikes

 The cough burns the throat

 When you can’t breathe

 There it returns to our mind

 That what was done

 It was not enough,


 We ignore the enemy

 We battle with a monster


 But with a lethal weapon

 So tiny


 That seems innocuous,

 But when entering the body

 The bomb explodes.


 It’s a shame to bury thousands

 Children, youth, elderly

 Today we only have to be responsible

 No one except yourself

 It will be the one who is rescued, survive.

 Industries are ready

 So that when fear spreads

 Get a chance of life

 That will be such a chimera

 Bring more millions to your wallets.



 That the bug is real

 But more your intelligence



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