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Dr. Jetho lalwani, an unparalleled scholar

Dr. Jetho lalwani, an unparalleled scholar

Renowned also as an accomplished theatre person. Lalwani is a major fiction writer, essayist, critic, Journalist, lexicographer, translator and also a scholar in folk, classical and medieval literature

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Born on March 8, 1945, in Kandiaro town of Naushehro Feroze district (formerly Nawabshah district) of Sindh, Dr. Jetho Madhavdas Lalwani, who is settled in Ahmedabad, Gujarat state of India, is an unparalleled scholar.

Dr. Jetho Lalwani has achieved literary eminence not only in Sindhi but also in Gujarati and Hindi languages. Renowned also as an accomplished theatre person. Lalwani is a major fiction writer, essayist, critic, Journalist, lexicographer, translator and also a scholar in folk, classical and medieval literature. He has remarkably contributed to propagation, promotions, preservation, enrichment and modernization of the Sindhi Language, which is stateless, minority language in India and is recognized in the Constitution of India.

For decades he has remained very active in the movement for promotion of Sindhi language and literature.  He is also associated with many organizations and has been writing in many magazines and papers on various subjects.

Dr. Jetho is also a journalist, columnist and editor of so many weekly papers and literary magazines. He was the chief editor of ‘stage’ (Magazine of plays and Theaters), “Sindhi Lok Varso” (Magazine of Folk Literature). Moreover, he organized Literary Workshop, Seminars, Conferences and Folk Literature Festivals.


Recipient of Uttam Sahit Award, a literary award, in 2018, he was also conferred an award titled as ‘Great Personality of Sindhi Literature’ by Maharashtra Rajia Sindhi Sahit Academy in December 2022. Dr. Jetho Lalwani also received several other awards that include Delhi; Nagrik Samman Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation; Best Literary Hindi tar book Award, Sindhi Kutchi Lok Sanskriti Parampara (Folk Lore) by CFD. Govt. of India. Language (NCPSL), (H.R.D.) Mini. Govt. of India). Delhi; Literary Award from Gujarat Sahitya Academy, Gandhinagar. 2002; Gourav Puriskar of Rs.25000/- Sindhi Sahit Academy, Govt. of Gujarat; Sahitya Shan Award, Writer-Artist Welfare Society, Mumbai; Best literary Award, Hindi Sahitya Academy, Gandhinagar; Gourav Puriskar Gujarat Sangeet Nakk Kala Academy; Best Book Sindhi Boli Ka Lok Sahitya, by Hindi Sahitya Academy; Best Book Award “Azadia Jo Parvano Amar Shahid Hemo Kalani” by N. C.P.S, L., New Delhi and Gujarat Sindhi Sahitya Academy, Gandhinagar 2008; Children Literary Award, Sindhi Language Authority; Best Book Award “Sindhi Kutchhi Lok Sanskriti parampra” Hindi Sahitya Academi, Gandhinagar; Bal Sahitya Puriskar, SahityaAcademi; Best LiteraryAward Rs.25000/- Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli Sahit Sabha-Jaipur; Five literary Awards for Best Book from Govt. of Gujarat & Sindhi Sahitya Academy, Gujarat State; Best literary Award Central Hindi Directorate Govt. of India; Best literary Award, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt. of India; Award for Best Contribution to Sindhi literature Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli Sahit Parchar Sabha Mumbai; Award, of Best Writer by Sahyog Foundation, Mumbai; Best literary Award, Adult Education Govt. of India and an Award of Best Journalist.


After doing masters, Dr. Jetho Lalwani also did B. Ed. And PhD, and later completed diploma in research, during which he researched on Sindhi folk songs of Bani-Kutch. His seminal work “Sindhi folk songs of Bani” which brought doctorate and research fellowship on subject “Sindhi Kutchi lok Sanskrrt parampara” to him and was awarded Rs.100000 prize by Central Hindi Directorate Delhi Government of India, which added laurels to his literary career.

During his long career, he served on several positions including Director National Council for promotion of Sindhi Language (NCPSL) Govt. of India; Secretary Sindhi Academy, Delhi; Asst. Registrar Sindhi Sahit Academy, Gujarat State; Asst. Registrar Hindi Sahitya Academy, Gujarat State; Asst. Registrar Urdu Sahit Academy, Gujarat state.

Addressing a literary conference in Karachi

He also served as casual Sindhi News Reader come Translator, All India Radio, Ahmedabad; Guiding Teacher Gujarat Vidya Peeth, Ahmedabad; Sindhi Language Professor Bhartiya Bhasha Sanskriti Sansthan; Examiner Sindhi Subject M.S. University of Baroda; PhD Examiner, Language expert university of Mumbai, Karachi University, Sindh University, Ajmer University Open University, Islamabad-Pakistan; Research scholar cultural ministry Government of India; Member Board of Sindhi Studies, Gujarat University; Member Sindhi Language Expert committee IGNOU, New Delhi University; Member Sindhi Language Syllabus committee Avadh University; Member Gujarat Rajya Shikshan Parishad, Govt. of Gujarat; Member of New Education Policy, Govt. of Gujarat; Member of New Education Policy 1990 implementation committee (Sindhi Language); Vice chairman Gujarat Sindhi Sahitya Academy, Govt. of Gujarat; Educational chairman, Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli Sahit Parchar Sabha; Chairman, Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli Sahit Sabha; President, Lions club of Ahmedabad; Associated President Rang Karam Theatre; General Secretary Raskala Theater Unit; Youth Secretary, Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli Sahit Sabha; General Secretary Gujarat Sindhi Patirkar Parishad; General Secretary Sindhi Lok Sahitya-Kala Kendra; Member Central Hindi Directorate Govt. of India; Member National Council for promotion of Sindhi Language (NCPSL) Govt. of India; Member K. K. Birla Foundation Sarswati lit. Award Delhi; Member People’s Linguistic Survey of India (Bhasha); Member computerization in Sindhi advisory committee CDAC Pune.

He also worked as member of Editorial Language expert for preparing and translating Sindhi Language text books in Gujarat state; worked as an expert member Sindhi Language learning program National council for promotion of Sindhi Language, Govt. of India; worked as an expert Advisory committee member for compiling Sindhi idioms, proverbs by Indian Institute of Sindhology; Member expert Advisory committee for preparing Sindhi books by open School Institution, New Delhi; Member Gujarat Rajya Sanskiritic Praman Patar Board, Gandhinagar; Member of K.M. Munshi Janam Shatabadi Samiti, Govt. of Gujarat.

Besides literary and educational career, he served as dramatist, folklorist, essayist, and short story writer for children, critic, translator, stage, T.V, Radio artist, and film writer and director.

Books and Literary Works

The book named “Kutch No Sarvangi Itihas” was published in 2012 under Kutch development council. Here is the long list of books authored by Dr. Jetho Lalwani: Folk lore (Sindhi); Bania Jo Sindhi lok Adab; Sindhi Piroleun; Sindhi lok natak; Sindhi folklore; Asanjo varso; Bania Ja Sindhi lok geet (Thesis); Sindhi lok Rang; Sindhi Kutchi Lok Sangeet-Lok Nirtya; Lok Adab kala ja munhija sanskar; Lok Maznoon; Bani Saquafat Sindhi Kachhi lok; Sindhi Kachhi lok Tiahzeebe Riwayatoon; Geetan Jo Guldasto Lada Sindhi folk; (Hindi) Sindhi Bhagat Shaitya; Sindhi Bhagat; Sindhi Boli ka lok sahitya; Sindhi katchhi lok sanskiriti parmpara; (Gujarati) Sindhi lok kathao; Sindhi Sangeet – Bhagat.

Jihad-Book-by-Jetho-LalwaniDr. Jetho has authored over two dozen books in Sindhi, Gujarati and Hindi languages.

Shri Hiro Thakur, an eminent researcher scholar had once said about the work of Dr. Jetho lalwani that it was the first of its kind in India and really unparalleled, as he has been scholarly writing on folk literature, Sindhi language, literature and other arts including grammar in Gujarati and Hindi as well.

Shri Dr. Hasu Yagnik, renowned educationist and famous Gujarati folklorist also appreciating Lalwani’s deep study and profound knowledge of folk literature and arts had said that “Sindhi Sangeet and Bhagat” and Sindhi folk Stories” was best books in Gujarati language.


Source: Sindhi Sangat and Jetho Lalwani website



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