Dad Ram Panjwani

Dada Ram Panjwani – who kept Sindhi language and culture alive in India

Homage to Prof. Dada Ram Panjwani – a legend in his life time – one of the greatest Sindhis, the Cultural Ambassador of Sindhis, who was responsible, perhaps more than any other Sindhi for keeping the language and culture alive in India Shri Ram Prataprai Panjwani was born on 20th November 1911 at Larkana in […]

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Rajesh Mirchandani – The Global Communication Leader-1

Rajesh Mirchandani – The Global Communication Leader

Born in a Sindhi family, Mirchandani served at BBC World covering and hosting international events for two decades before joining as the Chief Communication Officer at UN Foundation in 2018 Rajesh Mirchandani, born in a Sindhi family, is a global communications leader and former British television journalist. He spent more than two decades reporting from […]

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Kabir Mulchandani – Top-Ranking Entrepreneur of Persian Gulf

Kabir Mulchandani traveled a long way from Mumbai, languished in Dubai jail for 140 days in a fake case in 2009, and now is a business tycoon, who founded FIVE Holdings Company (formerly SKAI Holdings) having interests in real estate and hospitality. Kabir Mulchandani, is an Indian-born Sindhi, Dubai-based entrepreneur and philanthropist, who is ranked […]

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Jawaharlal Gangaramani-1

Sindhi Civil Engineer Becomes UAE’s Building Magnate

Jawaharlal Gangaramani owns 12 companies in UAE with 18000 employees under its umbrella. He is the man who built the palace of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. This is the success story of how a young Sindhi civil engineer who set up a construction company in a foreign land and became the UAE’s Building […]

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Pankaj Advani – World Champion of Billiards and Snooker

Born in Pune, India in 1985, Pankanj, an  Indian Sindhi Billiard and Snooker player, won his first ever title at the age of 11 and went on to set several records at the state, national and international levels Pankaj Arjan Advani is an Indian Sindhi billiards and snooker player, who became 23 times world champion. […]

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Saga of Shikarpur’s Hinduja who build business empire -parmanand-hinduja

Saga of Shikarpur’s Hinduja who built business empire

The foundation of the Hinduja Group was laid by Parmanand Deepchand Hinduja (P. D. Hinduja), a self-made young entrepreneur from Sindh’s fabled town of Shikarpur. His four sons are now among world’s richest persons having businesses, banks and industries in 38 countries with employees over 150,000. An entrepreneur, committed philanthropist and a visionary, P. D. […]

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