Rape and Murder cases - Has Justice System Failed

Rape and Murder cases: Has Justice System Failed?

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Rape and Murder cases - Has Justice System Failed
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Rape and murder cases are often reported but the perpetrators are exonerated or are released on bail. Has Justice System Failed in the country? The government must amend the laws to award exemplary punishment to rapists and murderers

Public Opinion

Rapes and murders have become a common thing in our society as such incidents are increasing day by day. Few days back, I heard the story of a girl, which shattered my heart into pieces.

It was a pitch dark night when no-one saw anything and everything was as silent as a smile. A minor girl, who was taking leftover food in a tiffin-box from her master’s home for her poor family, animatedly ran quickly because she wanted to feed her loved father. On the way home, she plucked a daisy flower for her mother. When she took a few steps ahead, instantly, a gang of the people, ring-shaped her in the garden of orchids in the darkness, someone attempting to touch this little girl, she got scared of the people and tried to cry but couldn’t.

Her father became worried. He searched her for two days and went to her master’s home who told him that the girl had left for home two days ago. During the search of the girl, they at last arrived at spot where they found sleeves in the garden and collapsed tiffin. Eventually, they were able to find the body of nine-year old child.

The postmortem report of the dead body said the girl was raped and later strangulated to death. The nine suspects were arrested and they are under the custody of the police.

Such barbaric incidents of rape and murder often occur and are reported by the media but never appeared any report that the courts had ever punished the perpetrators. They either are exonerated or are released on bail. This obviously is mainly owing to failure of justice system. I strongly urge the federal as well as provincial governments to amend the laws so that the culprits could be punished.

The society is aware that rape and murder are heinous crime and the rapists and murderers must be awarded exemplary punishment. Everyone should awake and open their eyes and mind towards this grave situation.

Maria Khushk

Hyderabad, Sindh