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Sorrows of Sindh: The Sindhu River

Sorrows of Sindh: The Sindhu River
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O let Sindhu be safe and sound ever; and make Sindh’rri* fertile ever……

By Ayaz Gul


[author title=”Ayaz Gul ” image=”https://sindhcourier.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Ayaz-Gul.jpg”]Ayaz Gul, a great name in poetic art, based in Sukkur Sindh, is a former professor of Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur. It is amazing here that words look breathing and giving look of images concrete, running to create rhythm and rhyme in a natural flow. It is poetic art; here, where words have rare lips and a tongue to produce wonderful music. Ayaz Gul is a rare gem in Sindhi poetry and to discuss here in a few lines is not a justice to living legendary poet. Let’s give our endearing ear to our noble and rapturous thoughts adding to the Beauty of The Sindhu River he has marvelously composed – Translator’s Note [/author]


The Sindhu River!

The river that’s like Love itself;

Just as the longing of beloved itself;

The river that’s the remedy of pains itself;

The river just as the beloved’s destination

O across the river itself!


The river that has poured down

From myriad many a cloud;

That has flown since aeon old

Has flown down from the passes;

From the lowing tracks of waters across;

From the mountainous passes across;

Comes dancing like a goddess,

Nymph Naiad beautiful,

Ah, in embraces of men’s bodies;

Seems to be coquettish, O bashful!


The river that ties our destinations,

Joins our fortunes together;

The river that’s like our breathing-fire

That’s just as our staunch trust, O dear!


The river that’s like our angry

And reconciled beloved,

O playing on the mounds of desert

It’s just like a beautiful Thari* child!


Sometimes as if challenging it were;

Sometimes as if our beloved it were;

The river with which our life is tied to;

O with which our Sindh is married to!


The river, O my Sindhu River

That’s been waking since centuries;

For series of ages it has been flowing

Who is there to stop her?

Debris of dust will stop her?


O let Sindhu be safe and sound ever;

And make Sindh’rri* fertile ever……

O Sindhu River that’s like love itself,

That’s like the longing of love itself!


Translated by Professor Mohammad Hashim Solangi

*Thari Child – A child of Sindh’s Thar Desert

*Sindhr’ii – Sindh