Of flowers on shrouds, and switched faces

Progressive poet and lyricist Jan Nisar Akhtar (1914-1976), father of Javed, was one of those who explored love, loss, identity,…

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Saabhiyan Sangi – A Poetess of Exquisite Emotions

Author of a poetry collection ‘Anjaan Kaa’inat Jee’ari Aa’ (The Universe is Still Alive), Saabhiyan Sangi says she doesn’t want…

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Ghalib, Kolkata, Tagore and Urdu Literature

Ghalib stayed in Kolkata for eighteen months. Kolkata’s cultural vibrancy, literary sensibility and cosmic vision had cast a spell on…

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Mir Ja’far Zatalli: The ‘Nonsense’ Poet and Urdu’s First Satirist

Long ignored, we look at how Zatalli was a pioneer in creating a small but effective oeuvre of Urdu poetry…

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‘I Doubt, Therefore I Am’: Revisiting Mirza Ghalib’s Poetry

The book follows in Ghalib’s footsteps and while familiarizing the reader with his forever implicit questioning leaves the reader to…

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Mirza Ghalib – Poet of all times

Remembering one of the best known Urdu poets of all times Ghalib was born on 27th Dec 1797 and passed…

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