Middle East Politics

Middle East Politics: The Prince and the Paupers!

Middle East Politics. Cartoon Courtesy: The Iran Project Although many anticipate Saudi Arabia will be the last Arab country to normalize ties with Israel, Prince Mohammed has a record of bucking expectations. Two advisers close to the crown prince said he wants to reach a deal with Israel but knows it is nearly impossible as […]

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Abraham Accords Courtesy Daily sabah

Abraham Accords: Alarm bells in Arab world

Coming closer to Israel without protecting the rights of the Palestinians will only deepen divisions in the region, as in the Trump’s Jerusalem move, the deals will only accelerate the split and increase anger. BY NAGEHAN ALÇI Alarm bells have started ringing since deals signed between the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and Israel to […]

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Bigotry is a dangerous vehicle

Author discusses resurgence of Birtherism (a conspiracy theory that doubts or denies that Barack Obama was a natural-born U.S. citizen, thus implying that he was ineligible to be President) against Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris.       Nazarul Islam So ‘Birtherism’ is back again. Despicable and vacuous as ever, human prejudice and avarice remind us […]

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Observations of an Expat: Not So Free or Fair Elections

Elections are great if they are free and fair. Otherwise they are an exercise in political hypocrisy designed to sacrifice the national interest to special interest groups—a sad, bad and ultimately dangerous road for the guilty politicos and the country they claim to represent.  Tom Arms Elections are great. They are the cornerstone of liberal […]

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President no more! A US bill would ban the title for China’s leader

Under the Name the Enemy Act, Xi Jinping would no longer be called China’s president in any US government document Introduced by Representative Scott Perry, Republican of Pennsylvania, the House bill would prohibit the use of federal funds for the “creation or dissemination” of official documents and communications that refer to the China’s leader as […]

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Terrorism, like warfare, is ‘politics by other means’

Terrorists are politically motivated non-state actors, sometimes backed by state machinery to bleed enemy states. Most importantly, terrorism is not an end in itself but a means toward drawing attention to the cause its promoters are striving for. It conveys a message or warning and draws media attention to the cause its perpetrators espouse. Dr. […]

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